Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 159


“How could she escape that many agents! Enlighten me now!” Agent Sitwell said to one of his agents as he knew about Natasha’s escape.

“I don’t know, Sir! We only saw her broke free from her restrain in the surveillance.” The Agent said calmly.

“Then, how can she break free and killed everyone so easily in the room right after! Tell me! Are you guys a gang of useless shit!” Agent Sitwell said furiously.

The Agent was instantly taken aback for he didn’t have any answer on how the Black Widow could escape her captivity.

Agent Sitwell racked his brain to find the solution to the current problem at hand, he knew that once Natasha came into action, Dio would saw through his lies and that wouldn’t be good for Hydra!

Suddenly, one of his agents reported that Director Pierce was in the video call for him, Agent Sitwell quickly straightened his clothes and immediately answered the call.

“How could you let the Black Widow escape!” Alexander Pierce said boomingly in the video call.

“We still don’t know sir, we’re still looking out for anyone who could possibly save her, and we’re also on the way to recapture her again at this very moment!” Agent Sitwell said calmly.

“The damage is done! You’ve disappointed me this time, Agent Sitwell!” Alexander Pierce said coldly!

That word made Agent Sitwell sweated and begged for the director to give him one more chance to redeem himself.

“How about the other target? What is the current situation over there?” Alexander Pierce said curiously.

“The target has doubted Nick Fury’s credibility now. We will try our best to direct his attention towards Nick Fury, Sir!” Agent Sitwell said confidently.

“What if the Black Widow made an appearance? What would you do?” Director Pierce said challengingly.

“Rest assured, Sir! We will make sure that Agent Natasha wouldn’t see the lights of day again!” Agent Sitwell said confidently.

“Okay, but remember that this is your last chance to prove yourself! If you don’t succeed this time, I will make sure that you will receive the full consequence for that!” Pierce said coldly.

“Of course, Sir! I also want to report that the target wants to join us if we can provide 10 tons of gold for him! It appeared that the target was a very materialistic person, Sir!” Agent Sitwell said solemnly.

“Just make a promise that we will give that to him later, but after this was all over, we will kill him!” Alexander  Pierce said coldly. Soon after he said that the line went dark, signing that the director has disconnected the communication line.

Suddenly after, Dio came to Agent Sitwell’s office, startling Agent Sitwell as he came with a laser gun!

“How did you come here? Where is the Equipment Staff at?” Agent Sitwell said confusedly.

“I don’t know. Maybe they were asleep somewhere.” Dio said nonchalantly.

Agent Sitwell shook his head as he had to find the Agent that he ordered to keep an eye on Dio in the hideout and scolded them for leaving Dio alone. He quickly turned back his attention to Dio and asked if Dio wanted the laser gun for himself, which he could give to Dio and registered it later.

“I am very aware that you are on your wits’ end right now, but I like gold more than this shit weapon!” Dio said coldly while directing the laser gun muzzle towards Agent Sitwell!

“Wait, what are you saying! We could talk this out peacefully!” Agent Sitwell said nervously. He also thought about how Dio could enter his office freely, there were supposed to be guards outside of his office!

“Well, it looks like you can’t give me what I want!” Dio said apathetically while charging the laser gun!

“Wait, I could give you gold!” Agent Sitwell said as the laser gun discharged and shot the wall beside him! The laser gun’s firepower was really something, it pierced and melted the reinforced wall of the office and penetrated the reinforced wall in the room next to it!

“This gun was quite powerful. What did you say again? You really will give me the gold?” Dio said in fake excitement.

“Yes, I will personally make sure that Director Pierce agreed to the gold amount that you need!” Agent Sitwell said nervously.

“Well, if you couldn’t give me the gold yourself, maybe you can bring me to this Director Pierce of yours!” Dio said while aiming the muzzle of the gun to Agent Sitwell once more!

“I could take you to him later, but you need to lower that gun!” Agent Sitwell said nervously.

Dio smirked and quickly charged the laser gun once more, Agent Sitwell thought that there was no way that the target would kill him, but as the gun began to charge, his belief gradually collapsed!

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