Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 160


When he got out of his office, Agent Sitwell instantly became pale! He found that every agent in the hideout was already dead!

There were corpses everywhere he looked, he immediately realized that once he said no to this man, he will become another lifeless body in that place!

Agent Sitwell became very nervous as he thought that Dio heard his conversation with Director Pierce. If so, Dio might be asking to take him to Hydra just to kill Director Pierce himself!

When the night fell in the Triskelion Building, all the agents who had a doubt that Nick Fury had betrayed the SHIELD was killed one by one by none other than the Hydra!

They already infiltrated the place deep, and thus they began cleansing the SHIELD from anything that could hinder their plan later.

In that Headquarter, Alexander Pierce was sitting on the director’s office while smirking brightly.

He has already had the International Security Council in his grip, and now he surely had the SHIELD in his hands!

He thought that no one would be able to destroy his plan anymore!

What he didn’t know was that the said person who will put down his ass from his throne was coming!

On the car towards the Triskelion Building, Agent Sitwell sat nervously while tapping his hands beside Dio.

“I could take you into the Headquarter, but I couldn’t take you to the Director’s Office! He was very paranoid, and therefore he wouldn’t let any agent come inside his office without his invitation!” Agent Sitwell said as he explained Director Pierce’s personality.

“That is okay. You will no longer have any use after that!” Dio said while smiling evilly.

Agent Sitwell immediately got chills going down his spine, he knew that once he brought Dio inside the Headquarter, Dio will surely kill him!

He ought to think fast in this kind of situation, he quickly opened the car door and jumped outside while quickly shooting Dio with the gun that he hid in his socks!

He was at a very close distance with the headquarter, he thought that maybe he could draw attention towards himself and therefore the Hydra could act!

But he was shocked beyond belief as he saw there was another ‘him’ inside the car!

Dio quickly decapitated Agent Sitwell’s head and immediately ordered the [Hanged Man] to dispose the head as to make the coverage more believable!

The car quickly stopped outside of the Headquarters’ main lobby, and Dio while in Agent Sitwell’s disguise immediately rushed inside while looking slightly panicky.

With Agent Sitwell’s voice and retina scan, Dio could access the SHIELD’s headquarter unimpeded, but as he accessed the lift to director’s office floor, Brock Rumlow came and asked him for what he was doing on the headquarter.

Dio knew that he couldn’t answer any question carelessly as he knew that all those Hydra Agents were one paranoid bunch!

But he couldn’t access Agent Sitwell’s memory and habits as [Khnum] couldn’t do any of that!

He immediately thought for the best possibility to escape the grip of the Crossbones!

“I am here to assess the escape of Agent Natasha Romanoff with Director Pierce! I also have some urgent matters that I need to attend with the director now!” Dio said confidently with Agent Sitwell’s persona.

“The director was taking a rest at the moment. Maybe you should come later!” Agent Rumlow said matter of factly.

“I can’t do that! The director must know this information as soon as possible!” Dio said confidently.

“Well, if that’s the case, then good luck, Agent Sitwell!” Agent Rumlow said as he walked towards the elevator.

Dio said his thanks and walked towards the director’s office slowly.

From a distance, Dio heard Agent Rumlow said, “Hail Hydra!”

Dio quickly said, “Hail Hydra!”

But as he took another step, Agent Rumlow was heard talking again!

“When will you take me to the night out again? The cocktail in that bar was good!” Agent Rumlow said indifferently.

“I will take you there after I finished my job!” Dio said confidently, but it seems that his answer wasn’t the word that Agent Rumlow was expecting!

Agent Rumlow quickly pointing a gun towards Dio, “Stop pretending and reveal yourself! Agent Sitwell never invited me for a drink before, and everyone knew that I hate cocktails!”

Agent Rumlow had a hunch that something was wrong with Agent Sitwell, and the real Agent Sitwell would never disturb the director while he was resting. Thus he quickly tested Agent Sitwell, the common private knowledge that the Real Agent Sitwell should know!

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