Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 161


“Are you sure about this? You could’ve lived if you don’t ruin my plan you know!” Dio said playfully.

Agent Rumlow ignored Dio’s word and immediately reached for the communicator on his ears to call for backup, but as soon as he reached for his ear, an invisible thing grabbed his neck and immediately pushed him inside the elevator!

He couldn’t see anything in front of him, and the surveillance camera near them was busted immediately as he was pushed towards the elevator!

Agent Rumlow immediately pulled the trigger of his gun as he pointed the muzzle towards Dio, but he couldn’t shoot Dio as his arms were ripped from his body immediately as he pointed the gun towards ‘Agent Sitwell’!

Agent Rumlow immediately knew that that was it for him, he will die there worthlessly, he hoped that some guards in the monitoring room noticed that something wrong was happening at director’s floor so at least his death wasn’t that worthless!

Dio who disguised himself as Agent Sitwell immediately straightened his shirt and knocked on the director’s office, he immediately heard a voice saying that he could come in. Thus Dio entered the office immediately.

Inside the director’s office, Alexander Pierce was confused that Agent Sitwell was already in the Headquarter without any notice.

“Why are you here? Have you already captured the Black Widow again?” Director Pierce said with a frown in his face.

“Agent Romanoff had been detained, sir! The target is also in our hands now!” Dio said, lying through his teeth! He was excited as he knew that he already won! If he was in the same room as that guy, there was no other way for Director Pierce to escape!

“Well done! Don’t let her escape again! As of the target, let him be for now. No wonder that Fury fails to get him, he is too greedy!” Director Pierce said while sipping his drink casually.

“Wow, is that what you really think?” Dio said while smirking evilly toward Pierce.

Alexander Pierce once again frowned as he didn’t expect Agent Sitwell would talk rudely towards him.

But as he was about to reprimand the Agent due to his rude remark, the alarm immediately sounded, signaling that the body of Agent Rumlow has been found!

Alexander Pierce immediately called the Security Monitor room and asked for why the alarm was blaring, the Security Agent immediately said that Agent Rumlow had been killed inside the headquarter and that the director was strongly advised to hide in a safe place!

Alexander Pierce immediately threw the phone furiously and surprised to see Agent Sitwell was standing up and walked towards him casually.

“You came here after Agent Rumlow went out, right? Did you see anything suspicious?” Alexander Pierce asked suspiciously, he doubted that Agent Sitwell had anything to do with Agent Rumlow’s death, but it was just too convenient!

“Who is this Agent Rumlow that you are talking about?” Dio said casually.

As he heard ‘Agent Sitwell’ answer, he immediately opened his drawer to push the red button inside.

That button would isolate him from the outside world with a high-tech force wall! But, unfortunately for Alexander Pierce, Dio was much faster than him!

Dio quickly pushed Alexander Pierce towards the wall in the opposite direction!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Dio hurriedly put Alexander Pierce’s unconscious body behind the couch and disguised himself as Alexander Pierce using [Khnum]. He immediately opened the door after doing so.

Outside the room was another agent who quickly reported that Agent Sitwell was suspected as the Agent who killed Agent Rumlow, the Agent immediately asked Alexander Pierce’s permission to capture Agent Sitwell immediately.

“That was nonsense! Agent Sitwell had some urgent mission directly from me. There is no way that he was the one who did that! The enemy must have been hiding in this building! Turn off the alarm and quickly search for them! In addition to that, I want this floor to be isolated after you have done checking every room here! There is no one allowed in without my consent! Understood?” Dio said confidently.

“Yes, Director!” The Agent immediately walked away while investigating the room on the director’s floor and immediately isolated the floor as he went down.

They were all deceived by the ability of [Khnum]!

After all, the shape, the voice, and the smell all matched the original!

When Dio locked the door, the real Alexander Pierce has already woken up from his unconscious state and confused to see another him was standing at the door.

Even though he knew that the SHIELD had developed the tech to simulate the facial appearance of another human being, the tech couldn’t copy the target’s height, size, sound, and smell!

But what he currently saw was totally him from top to toe!

It had his voice, his familiar cigar smell, and even his slightly slouched posture!

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