Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 162


A terrified expression was written all over Alexander Pierce’s face, he knew that if the enemy could become the perfect copy of himself, they would easily become the Director of SHIELD as well as the Head of Hydra!


The name of another person who was closely monitored by the SHIELD appeared on his mind!

Mystique was a mutant woman who could turn herself into anyone that she desired. She caused terror to many powerful people, more so than her own boss, Magneto!

“What are you doing now is a violation of the Mutant Peace Agreement! There is no way Mutant could recover after this act that you currently do!” Alexander Pierce said as he shouted angrily at Dio.

Dio was a little bit surprised that the Head of Hydra thought that he was a mutant. He knew that [Khnum] ability was kind of similar to Mystique’s ability, so he didn’t deny Alexander Pierce’s accusation and immediately turned himself back to Agent Sitwell. Dio quickly said that if the director gave him a billion dollars, and then he might just consider letting Alexander Pierce go safely!

“That is impossible! The SHIELD didn’t have that much fund, and even if it does, I can’t transfer that kind of amount into any private account! The International Security Council will immediately take notice of that kind of amount being transferred out of the SHIELD’s account! They will freeze the asset immediately!” Alexander Pierce said as he explained that Dio’s demand wouldn’t work!

Dio didn’t believe that guy’s word even for a second, Dio knew that the Hydra has secretly embezzled the SHIELD’s resources for themselves to increase their fund.

Dio was annoyed that Alexander Pierce still thought that he was in control, he quickly broke one of Alexander Pierce’s finger to state that he wasn’t there to play his game!

“Don’t try to fool me! I know that you have stolen the SHIELD’s resources for so many years now, don’t you dare lie to me now! So, I will ask you one more time, give me all the money in your bank account, and if you dare telling me you can’t do it, you will die right here!” Dio said as he was already annoyed by Alexander Pierce.

“Okay, okay! I have a 100 Million Dollar on my account. I will give that to you!” Alexander Pierce said nervously.

Dio quickly dragged Alexander Pierce from the sofa to the laptop in the office table and quickly ordered him to transfer the money to his bank account.

Alexander Pierce immediately obeyed and began transferring the money into the account that Dio had given to him.

But Dio didn’t know that the laptop that Alexander Pierce was using also had the camera activated!

As the screen showed that the transfer was successful, he frowned and immediately told Alexander Pierce that he was tired of living!

Alexander Pierce quickly told Dio that he couldn’t transfer all of it at the same time, as the account had a transfer limit per day!

If he transferred it all in one go, the bank would call, and he assumed that Dio didn’t want that to happen!

“Now transfer it one at a time faster! I don’t want you to slack off now!” Dio said threateningly.

“I can’t do that! I need to wait for five minutes to transfer again, or the bank would call!” Alexander Pierce said nervously.

“I get a final say in it. Now I say you to transfer all of your money to this account now!” Dio said annoyedly, he felt that Alexander Pierce was lying to him to buy some time!

Alexander Pierce tried to transfer again at a very slow pace, and finally, the account was frozen, and the operation was canceled!

Alexander Pierce’s phone immediately rang after that, and Alexander Pierce told Dio that it might be the bank!

Alexander Pierce immediately placed the phone on the table and immediately kept his hands away from it to avoid Dio’s suspicion!

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