Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 163


Dio had two options, the first was letting Alexander Pierce answer the phone and told him to enable the account again and continue the transfer, or just accepted the fact that he couldn’t get the money from Alexander Pierce!

After thinking about it for a while, Dio told Alexander Pierce that he had to answer the phone and enable the account again!

Dio told him that he would be killed once he did something to warn the bank!

“Hello, Good Afternoon sir! I am Mia, from Merrill Lynch’s VIP service. Am I speaking with Mr. Pierce?” A voice heard from the phone.

“Yes, it’s me speaking. What’s wrong?” Alexander Pierce said calmly.

“We noticed that your account was having an abnormal operation, may I ask if you acknowledged this transaction?” Mia said on the phone.

“Yes, I am the one performing the transaction, I need you to enable my account again!” Alexander Pierce said calmly.

“According to the procedure, we need you to perform the triple verification process before we are authorized to enable your account again.” Mia said from the phone.

Alexander Pierce immediately carried out the whole process calmly to make sure that Dio didn’t suspect him.

When he finished the verification process, Mia said that Alexander Pierce’s account would be enabled in ten minutes!

Alexander Pierce hung up the phone and looked at Dio with an annoyed look on his face.

“There you go, happy? I will send you the money after my account is enabled again, so fuck off, will you!” Alexander Pierce said as he was getting furious.

But after just five minutes of waiting, there was a knock on the door again, the Agent outside identified themselves while saying that they found out the whereabouts of Nick Fury!

Dio immediately told them in Alexander Pierce’s voice that he has already told them not to bother him, but they made excuses by saying that the Director himself was the one who told them that they could report back anytime Nick Fury has been seen!

Dio immediately looked over to Alexander Pierce and told him that once he did anything funny, he will be killed immediately!

Dio disguised himself as Agent Sitwell again and told Alexander Pierce to let them in.

But once the Agent entered Alexander Pierce’s office, he felt that something was off!

Why would these agents bring a heavy stack of document if they only wanted to report Nick Fury’s whereabouts?

But soon enough, Dio’s question was answered as the Agent pulled out a gun from the stack of paper and shot ‘Agent Sitwell’!

Dio was careless for falling under the Agent’s cheap trick, he immediately looked over to Alexander Pierce, and he was surprised that Alexander Pierce was already escaping through the hole under his table!

That hole took Alexander Pierce directly to the floor beneath him, and Alexander Pierce quickly shouted that Agent Sitwell was none other than Mystique!

Alexander Pierce shouted to warn the Agent not to let Mystique blend in with the crowd!

Alexander Pierce immediately used his authority and activated all the security measures inside the headquarter.

All the entrance and exit of the building has been closed off completely!

Dio, who was still on the top floor, quickly summoned the [The World] and [Hanged Man] and quickly gave them a specific order.

[Hanged Man] was ordered to kill anyone approaching him with hostility.

While the [The World] was ordered to destroy the wall or the floor to ensure he could catch up with Alexander Pierce faster!

With the [The World]’s destructive power, the hard alloy that covered the wall and the floor wouldn’t stand a chance!

Dio didn’t waste any more time, as he must kill Alexander Pierce quickly!

He jumped towards the hole that Alexander Pierce jumped before to catch Alexander Pierce again.

This time, Dio quickly made up his mind that he didn’t need Alexander Pierce’s money anymore!

He didn’t want to be tricked again as he knew that if Alexander Pierce stayed alive, he would become a nuisance again in the future!

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