Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 164


After running far away from the suspected Mystique, Alexander Pierce didn’t care about the well-being of his agent. He must get away from danger and save his own life! He knew that there was no way Mystique would get out unscathed even though she will be able to get out eventually.

Mystique was one of the slickest mutants that ever lived!

But as he was escaping, Agent Sitwell that he assumed as Mystique came charging towards him!

“You have nowhere to run.”

Alexander Pierce immediately ordered his man, “Shoot Agent Sitwell!”

He became restless because his agent still couldn’t handle this enemy!

“Shoot! Block him with your life! Take out a bigger weapon if you must!” Alexander Pierce said while shouting.

Many agents immediately came to Director Alexander Pierce’s rescue with so many unique weapons.

Dio even saw the Laser Gun that he used to scare Agent Sitwell in the Hydra’s Hideout earlier!

Dio didn’t know if his Hamon Energy could protect him from the Laser Gun, it would be embarrassing if he fell just because he underestimated his enemy!

So, without wasting any more energy, Dio quickly ordered the [Hanged Man] to kill Alexander Pierce!

Soon after, Alexander Pierce was shocked to see his chest was bleeding!

He didn’t see anyone near him at all, he began to think, was there any traitor among the group of agents who came to protect him, or was it Nick Fury? He also thought that Mystique was already there beside him while the agent was busy defending him, but he could see Agent Sitwell out there, still fighting his men!

But he finally understood that the enemy he currently fought was not a mutant!

At least not that he knew of, his enemy this time was none other than Dio!

He didn’t know that Dio has that kind of ability, he has never seen anything like that from the report that was given to Nick Fury!

Dio’s ability was too powerful, the agent beside Director Alexander Pierce didn’t even know that the enemy had fatally wounded their Director!

At his last moment, Alexander Pierce saw Agent Sitwell that he finally realized was Dio all along, smirked at his direction before Alexander Pierce dropped dead on the floor!


The agent beside Alexander Pierce was astounded as they didn’t see any sign of the Director being attacked, but there he was, dead on the floor with blood gushing out of his chest!

The news about the Director’s death instantly traveled to the agent who fought against Agent Sitwell, the agent becomes confused as their chain of command became disturbed!

The agent immediately lost their reason to fight against such a strong enemy!

Seeing that the enemy was confused, Dio smirked and immediately ordered the [The World] to destroy the wall next to him and escaped the agent’s view!

Dio knew that there was no escape for all those agents as Alexander Pierce has already activated the security protocol of this place, locking every exit locked and rendered them inaccessible!

He immediately changed his appearance to a random agent and contacted Natasha with Little Remo’s ability again.

“Where are you? Have you already find Fury out there?” Dio asked solemnly.

“No, I haven’t found him yet! I guess he knew that I had been captured, and thus he abandoned all his contact! I am still trying to find a way to get contact with him now!” Natasha said, answering Dio’s question.

“What? You still don’t know how to get in contact with him?” Dio asked surprisingly.

“Yes and No, I already found a way, but I am not sure that this way will succeed! I can only hope that this option that I am taking won’t bite me in the ass later!” Natasha said nervously.

“I will stop in front of the Triskelion Building and made a sign that I’ve already escaped the enemy’s clutch!” Natasha said continuously describing his plan.

“You know, you can already enter the building without guns blaring at you, right? You are still the senior agent of SHIELD!” Dio said matter of factly.

“Well, sure, but I would be captured immediately! Alexander Pierce wouldn’t let me walk freely like that!” Natasha said annoyedly.

“You know, I’ve already made a deal with Alexander Pierce, and I asked him to gave me a billion dollars, but he only gave me ten million. Moreover, he was trying to shot me. I was angry and accidentally killed him!” Dio said indifferently.

There is a long silence in the communication as Natasha was shocked to hear Dio’s story.

“You killed Alexander Pierce?” Natasha shouted in the communication.

“You know, I did everything in the name of self-defense! I will never kill a man in cold blood!” Dio said trying to justify his action.

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