Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 165


The death of Alexander Pierce as the head of Hydra surprised Natasha to the core! She didn’t think some like this could be done that easily!

Natasha tried to calm herself down as she had to think of a plan on her own. He thought that Dio’s plan wasn’t that bad of an idea since Alexander Pierce was already dead! She knew that the rest of the Hydra agent inside SHIELD wouldn’t make a move anytime soon as she wasn’t on any wanted list!

“I will rush over there now! Wait for me!” Natasha said to Dio trough the snail. She had to deal with the Hydra agents that have been tailing her from a couple of blocks away.

A few minutes before that, Coulson was on the top of a building looking over the Triskelion Building with a binocular in his hands.

“Coulson, time to switch! Eat this!” Agent Hill said from behind.

Coulson smirked and immediately turned around to great Maria Hill.

“Is there any new movement?” Agent Hill said while taking the binocular from Coulson’s hand.

As they spoke, Nick Fury was still recuperating from his injuries after he escaped the Hydra’s clutch in his house.

They’ve already tried to get in contact with Dio and Tony as both of them knew that with Dio and Tony’s help, they would easily get rid of Hydra. But they couldn’t get close as Hydra agents always monitored Tony and Dio’s place.

“Coulson! Look at that! The headquarter used the highest security protocol!” Agent Hill said while shouting.

Coulson, who was still eating, was forced to swallow his food and immediately approached Hill while asking for the binocular. He looked over to the Triskelion Building, and he really saw that the place was closed shut with the strengthened alloy plates!

“What the hell is happening over there!” Coulson said worriedly.

They both knew that protocol could only be activated by the A level permission, and they know only two people could do that, Alexander Pierce and Nick Fury!

With Nick Fury recuperating from his injuries, they knew that something bad must have happened inside to Alexander Pierce in the headquarter.

Coulson immediately looks over to Agent Hill with excitement in his eyes.

No matter what happened with Alexander Pierce inside the headquarter, that was their moment to take back the headquarter from Hydra!

They kept their focus on observing the headquarter while also reporting back to Nick Fury for the new development inside the headquarter.

After a few hours, they identified a familiar figure arrived in front of the headquarter. They immediately noticed that the familiar figure was Natasha!

“This is unusual! It may be a trap for us!” Agent Coulson said solemnly.

“Look at her clothes! It said Call Me with a number attached to it!” Agent Hill said, flabbergasted by what she was seeing.

“Oh my god! Is she serious?” Coulson said, surprised by Natasha’s bold action

“Now, would you be a gentleman and call that number? Call it woman intuition, but I think Natasha was trying to reach us!” Agent Hill said while smiling toward Coulson.

“Obviously, I will! What is she doing, she could sabotage us all!” Coulson said annoyedly.

Agent Hill smirked at Coulson’s annoyance! She knew that Coulson couldn’t leave Natasha alone as she was the best Agent who had stood many impossible missions under Nick Fury’s wing. She saw that Natasha had a phone in her hands while she regularly took a call. It was obvious that there were many people trying to call her at the same time!

At the same time, Coulson was still trying to get a hold of her!

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