Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 166


Obviously, a beautiful woman wearing something very revealing with a number on her shirt whilst a call me sign was very intriguing!

There were so many thirsty men calling her asking for her name and how much she was worth for one night!

Natasha was getting annoyed by those deprived men until finally, she heard her name on the call!

“Coulson! Is this you?” Natasha asked excitedly.

“It is me! How did you escape Hydra’s clutch! You are one bold woman!” Coulson said while teasing Natasha a little bit. He knew that Natasha’s action was very clever, with so many incoming calls, the Hydra wouldn’t be able to pinpoint their location!

Natasha made use of her beauty to the max!

“This is not a time to chit chat, Coulson! I have very important news that you must relay to Nick Fury! Alexander Pierce is dead. Dio killed him inside the Headquarter!” Natasha said solemnly.

“What! How can he do that? that was nearly impossible!” Coulson said, shocked by Natasha’s news.

“Well, apparently, it is not impossible for our mysterious and greedy man! Also, he is still inside the Headquarter! He could open the door for us anytime!” Natasha said calmly.

“Are you sure he can be trusted? Isn’t this just a neat trap deployed by Alexander Pierce?” Coulson said solemnly.

Natasha was silent for a few moments and said that she wasn’t sure of that herself, but he trusted Dio, so she believed that Dio wouldn’t betray her!

Coulson didn’t know what to think of at that moment, but he also wanted to put his trust on Natasha as well!

“I will tell you everything that you have said to Director Fury as soon as possible! Regardless of what he said, I will come to you!” Coulson said to Natasha confidently.

“No, I will walk inside now! If everything goes well, all of you could walk inside unimpeded, if I don’t contact you again, you may assume for the worst!” Natasha said confidently.

There is nothing else that Coulson could say as Natasha has already made up her mind!

After exchanging an emergency contact, Coulson hung up the call, and Natasha pulled out the little snail and immediately contacted Dio.

Natasha told Dio that she was ready and that she was outside of the building while asking how she could enter the building.

Natasha immediately heard a loud explosion from the top floor, the sturdy wall was shattered like glass!

“I will pick you up myself!” Dio said as he has already jumped from the top floor and stood beside Natasha like it was nothing!

There were many people from around the place seeing Dio’s action, they started to record Dio’s action, and many of them tried to get close while taking Dio’s picture.

Fortunately for Dio, he used a mask to cover his face, so that none of those people could see his face.

“Now, let’s go!” Dio said while taking hold of Natasha’s hand.

“Go? Are you implying that we would climb the building?” Natasha said, surprised by Dio’s action.

“If you choose to walk from the main entrance, that would be fine too! But I couldn’t guarantee the safety of any agent inside if they start taking a shot at us and the safety of the civilian that was coming as we speak.”

Natasha was silent again, reconsidering her opinion, and quickly asked Dio will she be safe, climbing such a high building.

“It is fine! If you hold me tight, you definitely won’t go down!” Dio said while smirking playfully toward Natasha.

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