Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 167


Natasha clung to Dio for her dear life!

Dio didn’t mind Natasha clinging to him like that, for he knew that without protective gear, anyone would be scared!

When Dio successfully entered the building, everyone inside has already known what happened, but Dio already locked the door to ensure Natasha’s safety as they entered the building.

“Now that we safely enter the building, what are you planning to do? Lead the SHIELD?” Dio asked Natasha casually.

“Yeah, at least until Director Fury comes here. Would you help me if things go south?” Natasha asked hopefully.

“Just do what you need. I have to explain why my restaurant is closed to my client first.” Dio said as he picked up his phone, but unfortunately for him, there is still no signal there!

The alloy plate that the SHIELD headquarter used blocked the signal!

“Change your clothes! The agent would be confused about your whore of a shirt!” Dio said while smirking teasingly at Natasha.

She shrugged and immediately tore her shirt and casually put a coat that she found in the room. As she did so, the agent outside successfully broke the door open, and at least a dozen agents instantly pointed their gun toward Natasha and Dio.

“It’s me, Natasha Romanov! What are you doing?” Natasha said toward the agent with a frown on her face. She is a senior agent at SHIELD, with her authority, she could take command on any agent with security level below her.

The agent became confused as they know that they couldn’t just shoot an agent above their security clearance, but as Director Pierce was dead, they didn’t know what to do.

They slowly dropped their gun to avoid offending Natasha, but some of them looked unsure about it.

Obviously, the one who was not sure whether to drop their gun or not was Hydra cover-ups, they knew that they couldn’t do anything with that many SHIELD agents around them, and they weren’t sure what to do either as the head of Hydra had been cut off!

But the most troublesome thing that the Hydra currently had was that they didn’t know their own allies!

Only the top brass knew all Hydra agents inside the SHIELD, and since all the top brass were dead, they couldn’t identify themselves!

Dio was also aware of that situation, and therefore he was confident that Natasha would succeed.

“Where is Secretary Director Pierce? I have to report to him urgently!” Natasha said urgently.

“Director Pierce is already dead! The killer is still on the loose in this base, we are still searching for them at this moment!” One agent said confidently to Natasha.

“Who is in charge now? I need to see them immediately!” Natasha said respectively.

“It’s supposed to be Agent Sitwell, but Director Pierce said that he was a mutant, and he was the one who killed Director Pierce!” the agent said again in shame.

Natasha was a little bit confused, how come a mutant was involved? She immediately sighed and ordered one of the agents who refused to lower his gun to come with her. She also ordered the rest of the agent to wait and continue their patrol inside the base, she would get back to them as soon as possible, for she had some announcement to make.

Natasha was the highest authority in the SHIELD right now, so with that information, all agents immediately dispersed, following her command.

The Hydra agents blending among the crowd of the agent were also confused as they didn’t receive any notice that the Black Widow was inside the base!

Natasha herself was confused as to why there was some weird information going around the base at the moment. She must ask Dio herself later, she walked toward the hidden room with the Hydra agent that she ordered to follow her, and once inside the room, she was shocked by the scene in front of her!

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