Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 168


Dio immediately killed the Hydra agent that Natasha came with! The more shocking part was she saw Dio immediately transformed into the said agent with ease.

“Are you really Dio?” Natasha said confusedly.

Dio glanced at Natasha as he pocketed the wallet and identity card of the Hydra agent that he just killed.

“Now, you must keep this a secret! I don’t want to add any unnecessary corpse to the body bag! The information that Pierce mentioned was about me, he thought that I was Mystique for some reason!” Dio said casually.

“So you walk in as Agent Sitwell and then killed Pierce just like that?” Natasha asked confusedly.

“If this was how the scene was progressing, no wonder Pierce immediately thought that you are the shapeshifting mutant!” Natasha said as she wondered about her theory.

“Woman, you need to stop thinking unnecessary things. Now, what would you do next!” Dio asked annoyedly.

“I need to confirm that Pierce was really dead first!” Natasha said as she realized she still had the stuff to do.

Dio nodded and immediately opened the door again to follow Natasha as a Hydra Agent!

At the same time, Coulson, Maria Hill, and Nick Fury quickly closing in the SHIELD’s Headquarter in a white van, trying to be inconspicuous.

Fury was looking pale and sickly at the van, but he couldn’t waste the information that Natasha gave to Coulson earlier. He must act fast! He was really taken off guard by Pierce’s betrayal, he didn’t see any sign of betrayal anywhere.

Agent Hill immediately informed Coulson and Fury that Natasha’s information was true as she pointed toward the flare that has been shot from the Main Building.

On the phone, Coulson and Natasha had agreed to use that communication method to state that she had taken control of the Headquarter or not.

With that information, Fury immediately shouted for Coulson to speed up!

Coulson immediately approached the gate and park close to the SHIELD’s main door.

Agent Hill once again informed them that she saw a new message from Natasha stating that all of the agents had gathered on the third floor.

But as Coulson slowed the car down, the tire was immediately shot!

“An ambush!” Coulson shouted in panic.

“Rush through! Just ram the car to them!” Fury shouted from behind.

Coulson gritted his teeth and immediately rammed the van towards the Main Door.

Fury, Coulson, and Hill immediately got out of the car with their guns ready.

Coulson and Hill immediately covered Fury as he needed to enter the password to open the door. But sadly, after a few tries, all passwords he input were rejected!

“Fuck! That asshole deleted my authority credential!” Fury shouted in anger.

“You got to have another way, right director? We can’t stop here doing nothing, the enemy is getting closer!” Coulson said urgently.

Fury immediately took off his blindfold, revealing his damaged eye. He immediately got the damaged eye close to the retina scanner, the camera quickly recognized Fury and lifted the Security Protection Protocol.

“I already made a countermeasure once the SHIELD was taken over, but I never thought that it would come from someone I trust! Pierce forgot that if he wants to play with me, he needs to have both eyes wide open!” Fury said annoyedly.

The door immediately opened, and the three of them immediately entered the building as Fury closed it again to keep the enemy at bay. Once inside, Fury immediately used his authority to seal the third floor!

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