Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 169


The Agent that were gathered on the 3rd floor were surprised as they saw that the base was unlocked!

The place became noisy as their phone began to ring as the signal finally connected. But as soon as they started to contact someone outside, the alloy plate once again blocked the windows and the door, cutting the signal once again.

The crowd immediately fell into chaos, especially the Hydra Agents, who were totally confused about the situation they were currently experiencing.

Meanwhile, Natasha was having a doubt of the people who just entered the HQ, she didn’t know if that was Nick Fury or the International Security Council, if it were the International Security Council, she didn’t think that she could trust them! But with Dio at her side, she knew that the enemy wouldn’t expect anything!

“Agent Romanoff, the agent on the third floor reported that they were locked on the third floor!” An agent reported to Natasha through internal communication.

“Ask the Security Monitor Room about what happened. Someone should be controlling the security somewhere!” Natasha said in orderly tone.

The comm fell silent, and six Agents quickly arrived to report that they have just lost contact with the Security Monitor Room.

“If that’s the case, then some of you should go and check the Monitor Room yourself, and report back to me as soon as possible!” Natasha said while sighing annoyedly.

“I am sorry, Agent Romanoff. But we are under the direct order of Captain Rumlow! We were told not to accept an order from anyone else!” The Agent said confidently.

“Now, I am an agent with level 9 security clearance! I can override any command from lower-level Agents as long as it wasn’t against the order from the Director of Shield! Plus, Agent Rumlow is dead! Now, do as I say, Agent!” Natasha said sternly.

The six Agents immediately pointed their weapon to Natasha without hesitation as soon as she finished talking.

Their action was a clear proof that they were a Hydra Squad made by Alexander Pierce himself!

They didn’t follow Natasha’s order to gather on the 3rd floor as they didn’t receive the order from a high-ranking Hydra Officer that they know.

Instead, they patrolled the HQ while having many excuses to do so.

Their action was indeed based on the situation, they were right!

Natasha’s order was made to make sure that Nick Fury could enter the HQ safely!

They knew that there was something wrong as soon as they saw Natasha walking inside the HQ nonchalantly.

Unfortunately for them, Dio was disguised as a Hydra Agent beside Natasha!

As soon as they pointed the gun, they were confused as to why they couldn’t pull the trigger to kill Natasha on the spot!

“Now, I don’t know about you, but I think we better stick to my method!” Dio said indifferently to Natasha.

The six Agents were confused, but they soon found that their head was falling to the ground!

One head rolled toward Natasha’s feet with horror that was clearly displayed on his face.

“Okay, I will let you handle them as you saw fit!” Natasha said as she sighed and took the assault rifle that the dead Agent held.

Usually, she would be nerve-wracking after seeing Dio’s mysterious power, but this time, she felt safe and powerless around Dio! She still thought that if she were ever in Dio’s enemy position, she would have no chance of survival, but she knew that as long Dio was not provoked, he wouldn’t attack anyone!

Coulson may think that the basis of Natasha’s trust in Dio came from the understanding that Dio and Natasha made as they met with each other quite often, but only Natasha knew that the truth was she always felt scared of Dio’s power!

“Come on, we need to go to the Security Monitor Room to see what happened first!” Dio said casually.

Natasha nodded and immediately led the way toward the Security Monitor Room.

Dio followed behind her closely, he was ready to kill any Agent who dared to point their gun toward Natasha!

“We have to end all of this today! I am annoyed that I must close the restaurant today because of this Hydra bastard! I could have made millions by now!” Dio said grumpily. He now had to send an apology message to every guest who already made a reservation for today!

But when he remembered that Alexander Pierce had sent 10 Million USD to his account, he brightened up a little bit!

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