Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 170


In the 1st floor, Nick Fury, Coulson, and Maria Hill were in the middle of a shootout!

The Hydra has taken advantage of the number and firepower that they had over the three high ranking officers!

Although the three agents could hold their ground for the moment, they knew that they wouldn’t last that long!

“Activate weapon number 3! Attack indiscriminately!” Fury shouted as he didn’t have any other option.

“Voice recognition confirmed, activating weapon number 3, entering indiscriminate attack!” A robotic voice heard throughout the floor.

Suddenly, so many weapons appeared in the ceiling and began to shoot everyone on sight!

At the same time, Fury already took cover with his two trusted agents!

This attack annihilated all Hydra Agents on sight! After the shooting has stopped, Fury knew at that moment that he had to plan something else to survive, he knew that the enemy had destroyed the weapons that he activated earlier.

“Director, you go first! I will hold them here as long as I can!” Coulson said as he urged Fury and Hill to go on without him. That was the best course of action as Coulson was shot on the leg in the first confrontation with the Hydra as soon as they entered the HQ.

“Coulson, look at me and tell me, is this your final decision?” Fury said solemnly.

Even if Fury was known to be a cold-hearted man, in reality, it was only toward his enemy! He won’t leave any allies behind, no matter what happens!

“Yes! This is my final decision!” Coulson said confidently.

Fury and Hill immediately fell into silent, they didn’t want to leave Coulson behind, but they also knew that they must complete their mission no matter what!

They had to stop Hydra for the sake of the world!

The two of them also knew that they would do the same thing Coulson did if they were in his position!

“Stop looking at me like that! I am not dead yet! Tell Natasha that I can’t fulfill my promise!” Coulson said while smiling.

He had a promise to Natasha that he will come back alive, now he realized how troublesome that promise was!

As Coulson sensed the enemy approached them, he immediately shouted, “Activate weapon no. 4 and weapon number 5 now!”

The same robotic voice was immediately heard again, but this time, instead of a gun, a bomb immediately blew out!

Fury immediately shouted to Hill to follow him closely, while Coulson was relentlessly shooting at the enemy. He took a sit on the corner and kept spraying the enemy with the bullets from his gun so that none of them could follow Fury and Hill!

But that didn’t seem to work well, as Fury and Hill were once again backed into a corner as they couldn’t advance forward.

But as they thought that they were hopeless, Natasha came from behind the Hydra Agent and started killing the Hydra Agent one by one!

“Director Fury, are you okay?” She asked worriedly.

“I am okay! Thanks for coming!” Fury said gratefully.

With Natasha there, Fury and Hill immediately joined the shootout once more. Fury knew that if Natasha was there, Dio should be around too! He knew that with Dio’s presence, he didn’t have to fear anything!

As for Dio, he was observing Natasha’s way of fighting from behind, he was in awe of Natasha’s proficient killing method! He finally knew why the spy world was afraid of the codename Black Widow! He didn’t even have the opportunity to kill the Hydra Agent himself as Natasha killed every agent close to her in an effective way.

Dio, who stayed behind, knew that he wasn’t needed this time around!

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