Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 171


Finally, Dio saw the moment that he would be needed! He saw that Natasha was surrounded by enemies, and from the looks of it, she has already used all of her bullets earlier.

Dio walked toward Natasha while grabbing one gun that was lying around his feet. He charged the gun with some of his Hamon energy and as he walked closer, he swung the gun toward the Hydra Agent’s head, shattering his skull!

The rest of the surviving Hydra Agent who saw that got scared and backed away from Dio and started shooting at him desperately. But unfortunately, for those agents, the bullet didn’t do anything to Dio!

Dio walked casually toward the scared Hydra Agent and bashed their head with the same gun that he charged with Hamon Energy earlier, completely killed them in a short amount of time!

As he no longer saw any enemies, Dio threw the gun away. He no longer had any needs for the weapon now.

Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Coulson were shocked to see the scene in front of them!

They didn’t saw Dio fighting the Hydra Agent earlier as they were helping Coulson. Because of that, they were shocked to see the bloodied hallway with Dio in the middle of that.

This man easily killed so many Elite Soldiers with ease! He didn’t even sustain any damage!

Because of all this fact, Nick Fury was a little bit frightened by Dio’s ability. He wondered if he pushed Dio hard enough when he first met him back then, will he be a dead man just like all those Hydra Agents on his feet?

“We were attacked, and Coulson was shot on his leg! We need to extract the bullet soon so that he doesn’t sustain any permanent damage!” Maria Hill said as to break the silence among them.

“Well then, take me to the clinic quickly! If I were to sustain any permanent damage, you would be the one pushing my wheelchair!” Coulson said in a joking tone.

Maria Hill then excused herself to take Coulson to the clinic.

As soon as both of them left, Nick quickly asked, “What happened? Can I have my report now?”

“Alexander Pierce is dead! The Hydra Agents were either dead or stuck on the third floor. And I must leave now, my guest is waiting for my explanation regarding why I didn’t open my restaurant today! I hope I never saw your face again, Fury. It seems that I keep getting on this troublesome situation every time I meet you.” Dio said casually.

As there was no more immediate danger for the four of them, Dio decided to leave the place and returned to the restaurant.

As Dio walked toward the exit, Fury was speechless! Even if he couldn’t say his thanks to Dio, he knew that he owed Dio a favor for everything that he has just done!

However, he must deal with the snake that invaded his home first!

Dio was making the right choice as to not leave from the main entrance as that place was crowded with cops now, he chose to leave from the back so that he could cross the Potomac River and leave without any trouble.

But as soon as he left the building, he was discovered by a nearby helicopter that was observing the area. Fortunately, he could get away from the helicopter’s view without any hindrance.

A few hours later, Dio has changed his clothes and returned to the restaurant where he saw Will sitting in front of the restaurant with a bored look on his face.

Dio surprised him by patting his shoulder without him noticing.

Will was immediately startled and immediately went into a defensive stance, which consisted of kneeling while begging for mercy!


Dio laughed heartily from Will’s action, and as Will heard Dio’s voice, he changed his expression and hugged Dio vigorously.

“You can’t disappear like that again! I almost call police!” Will said nervously.

Dio was moved by Will’s care, he knew that Will couldn’t be relied upon on many occasions, but Will always showed that he cared deeply for Dio’s safety! He always did for as long as Dio remembered him.

This time, Dio believed Will’s word for even after the day was close to being over, Will was still waiting patiently in front of the restaurant, but Dio knew that Will still couldn’t handle talking to any police officer. He considered it as Will’s scar from the incident back then!

“The restaurant was closed for today. Come on, lets find a place to relax!” Dio said with a smile on his face.

“Really? Let’s go to my usual place!” Will said excitedly.

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