Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 172


Will and Dio’s ‘relaxation’ consisted of going to a massage parlor and having a drink in a local bar right after.

The next day, Dio opened the restaurant as if nothing happened yesterday, smiling at his customer warmly as he served them his miracle dish.

Dio has already apologized for the cancelation of yesterday’s appointment and gave that guest a fifty discount for the next time they made a reservation again.

Although the guest didn’t really care about the discount that Dio gave, they still accepted Dio’s apology with a smile.

They couldn’t say anything bad to Dio as they knew that once they got into a bad term with Dio, they won’t get any more chance to eat at Dio’s restaurant, and because of that, they won’t have any more chance to experience Dio’s magical dish!

As the time passed, Natasha has constantly come into the restaurant to let Dio know the progress that the SHIELD has on exterminating the Hydra, not only on the SHIELD’s ground but also in the entire world!

Nick Fury had contacted the International Security Council as soon as he found the evidence that Alexander Pierce was indeed a Hydra agent, and persuaded them to establish a system that would effectively flush out all the Hydra agents inside the SHIELD and any other government organization.

Once Fury and the International Security Council reached an agreement, Fury lifted the security protocol on the HQ and let the International Security’ agent help the SHIELD with the extra manpower.

The agents inside the SHIELD’s HQ at the time were immediately interrogated and screened to make sure that they weren’t an agent of Hydra!

Some of them refused and chose to fight, and for that action, they were killed on the spot!

Fury has made up his mind, he couldn’t let the Hydra took another shot at him as he has already sacrificed enough innocent agent’s life!

With Coulson injured and Barton brainwashed, he couldn’t let any more agent fell into the Hydra’s hands!

Fortunately for Fury, Natasha succeeded in saving Barton on time, if she didn’t, then he will have a difficult time dealing with the Hawkeye!

Even with all those measures, Fury knew that some Hydra agents would pass the intensive interrogation and screening as they will hide deeper into SHIELD so that they could wait for the rise of another Hydra’s head who wanted to take over the world!

But this measure would be a hard blow toward Hydra as it would waste the plan that they have prepared for years into naught.

Fury also found evidence that Pierce had used the SHIELD’s internal funds secretly to build a Hydra base, and Fury immediately traced the money and made an operation to capture and destroy those Hydra bases scattered throughout the world! Fury also assumed that the Hydra would be disbanded as they will lose their financial support after losing Pierce!

For Fury himself, he accepted the punishment from the International Security Council as it was his fault for not detecting the Hydra’s progression throughout the year! He was removed from his post as a director and currently served the SHIELD as the acting director until the Hydra problem was solved!

Fury’s punishment may seem half-assed, but the International Security Council didn’t have anyone who was willing to become the new director of SHIELD after knowing that the SHIELD was in a chaotic situation at the moment.

Even if there was anyone who wanted the position, they would always fell short when being compared to Nick Fury’s capabilities.

Fury also didn’t forget about Dio!

Fury arrested Agent Jason, who was the perpetrator of Dio’s parent incident, and gave Dio permission to deal with the agent as he saw fit!

Dio gladly accepted Fury’s gesture, and once he took Agent Jason to his parent graveyard, he killed him on the spot!

It was also at this time that Dio truly saw the world that he was currently in with the eyes of ‘Dio Brando’ who was originally from that world, not as a bystander or a stranger anymore!

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