Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 178


Dio knew that the satellite phone was mean to contact Nick directly without any hindrance, Dio was amused that Nick didn’t mention the snails that he gave to Natasha at all, as he knew that Natasha must have reported about it already.

Dio took the evaluation report and saw that it was an evaluation report about himself!

Furthermore, he looked at the certificate on the table and saw that it was all in his name! He was now registered as an agent of CIA, FBI, NSA, and many more agencies inside the country!

“Is this for real? Why are you doing this!” Dio asked a little bit surprised about what Nick was doing.

“I mean it! All these documents were necessary to make it easier for you when there was any sort of paperwork needed to fight any criminal in the future. But if you use it to do something you shouldn’t do, so many troubles will soon follow!” Nick said solemnly.

This kind of thing was an easy thing to do in SHIELD, almost all the agents inside the SHIELD had identification on other legal agencies throughout the nation! All those documents weren’t fake either, as they were actually registered inside the said agencies without any hitch!

“Is there any salary coming my way?” Dio asked curiously.

“No, there isn’t any salary coming your way! Don’t take any of these documents out, unless you really need it! These things weren’t meant for display, you understand what I meant?” Nick said exasperatedly.

“Well, all of these were useless to me then! I already said so many times to you that I don’t want to be an agent of SHIELD! All I want is living my life comfortably, I don’t like killing people, even though I already killed so many! My dream is to be the greatest chef in this world!” Dio said annoyedly.

He was annoyed with SHIELD’s persistence; he didn’t want any of the trouble that SHIELD would give him as he agreed on any of their terms!

“No, as I said, you are completely free to choose whether or not you become our agent. These documents were here as SHIELD’s way of thanking you for your help in dealing with Hydra earlier. We will not force you if you don’t want to! If you really don’t want any of this, we can take it back immediately!” Nick said casually.

“What is this then? Avengers preliminary report? Didn’t Natasha say that this avengers program had been put to stop?” Dio asked accusingly.

“Oh no, that one is not for you, but this one is!” Nick said as he took the preliminary report from Dio and gave him another document that had AVENGERS written on it!

“You are right, the Avengers program was canceled earlier because Alexander made everyone believe that it would be a waste of effort, but now I reinstated that program with so many countermeasures!” Nick added as he smirked to Dio.

Dio opened the document and saw many things that impressed him a little bit. He could see that the SHIELD has done their job as every capability that Dio had shown so far was written down with some assumption and description of what he could do.

“So, interested to join the team that will defend the world and enjoys the highest level of benefit?” Nick asked rather confidently.

“Although it was tempting, unfortunately, I still have to decline your offer! I don’t like being in the spotlight! Defending the world seems to be so much work too, you better give this offer to Tony, he relishes the spotlight anyway!” Dio said as he refuses Nick Fury’s offer.

Dio knew that Nick purposely showed all of that to instigate his curiosity, this is part of Nick’s diplomacy so that Dio was tempted to accept his offer.

Nick had to earn enough respect from Dio in order to stand on equal ground with Dio.

Dio continued to read his own evaluation report, and he found some of his personality reports was a bit disturbing, he deliberately turned the page to the end and saw that the report was made by none other than Natasha herself!

Dio was slightly irritated about the report that Natasha wrote about him, no wonder Nick ordered her to do something else at the moment. Otherwise, Dio would have asked her for a private chat with right at that moment! She slandered his reputation!

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