Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 179


Character Traits: Vigilant to everyone around him, very good at concealing his own presence and self-disguise, good poker face to hide his true intention, having a hard time to trust anyone and a lonely heart, narcissism, amorous, and greed for money. Have a very good understanding of right and wrong, a person that will always keep his words and will always demand for yours. Extreme precaution, do not make an enemy out of him! Has no compassion for any of his enemy, have an excellent mental attitude!

Avengers Recruitment Evaluation: Dio Brando – Passed

“What the hell is this report?! I will sue Natasha for this!” Dio said with an annoyed look on his face.

“I will let her know that you will sue her and let her hear from your lawyer soon! But I believe that there’s no mistake in my agent’s work!” Nick said while looking amused.

“Why don’t you ask Agent Coulson too? When will he pay my compensation? I need that million dollar paid soon!” Dio said annoyedly.

“When and why did Coulson owe you money again?” Nick asked surprised.

“He killed my pet! And it’s not an ordinary pet either! I believe you’ve already heard from Natasha, the snail that I use to communicate with her!” Dio said while looking Nick in the eyes, challenging him if he had the guts to lie!

Nick became quiet almost immediately, he was also taking part in killing Dio’s snail as he agreed to Coulson’s request to analyze the snail!

“Didn’t you already get your money from Alexander? I believe ten million is enough, right? We didn’t track that money as we know that you have it. Let’s just say that money was our payment for your hard work and compensation for your snail.” Nick said confidently.

This time, it was Dio’s turn to become quiet, he knew that the SHIELD had the right to track and recover the money down as it was the SHIELD’s resources, to begin with. After a few seconds, Nick was the one to retreat from the awkward situation they were in.

“Look at the time. I have a meeting soon! I will leave for now, but remember! If you don’t want any of these documents, contact us at any time, and we will take it from your hands! You can also have this report, take it as a token to remember us by. You can call us at any time if you have a change of heart! In a dangerous time, we will need your power eventually.” Nick said as he walked toward the exit.

Nick knew that Dio was a powerful entity here on Earth, but Nick also knew that Dio was just another speck of dust that was, fortunately, bigger than the other. That was the reason that he must create a team of superpower humans to make sure the Earth could remain safe.

But unfortunately for Nick at the moment, he didn’t have any bargaining tools to make sure Dio comply with joining his team, the same could be said to Iron Man, as he also failed to pull him in. Maybe he had to follow through the information that he got earlier; he really had to find Captain America!

While Nick left without anything on his hands, Dio was lucky enough that he could keep the ten million dollars without any problem. He also knew that the era would step into the power struggle between the Infinity Stone holder and Thanos!

Dio knew that he had no choice but to get stronger to make sure that Thanos couldn’t snap the world!

Dio had an advantage here as he already knew what will happen in the future, that was also why he loved money so much, as he knew that he had to power up fast!

Furthermore, he also knew that joining the SHIELD or the Avengers at the moment won’t grant him any benefit!

He only needed to defend the Earth against the alien invasion later, when Loki came and chose to follow Thanos!

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