Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 180


Another week passed, the streets of New York were currently enveloped with the Christmas festivities.

That also marked half a year since Dio came to that world. He has been through so much during those periods, he felt warmth, laughter, sadness, and even anger. Had Kingpin wasn’t found, he knew that he would still be on the street chasing the guy down endlessly!

During the day, he was known as the Owner of a small successful Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown, where celebrities and many famous names made a line to come and dine at the said restaurant.

At nights, he occasionally partook on killing a bunch of criminals and crime organizations around the city, he took all the criminal’s precious belongings for himself to enrich himself. He did this to make sure that he had money to buy gold for his own development! Overall, he has already lived an exciting and fulfilling life!

Dio gradually became accustomed to his current life, and as it was already December 24th, he was about to experience his first important holiday here. Sadly, he didn’t have any family in that word, the closest one he had was Will, but he was not sure that his best friend wanted to waste his holiday with him, but he always knew that Will wouldn’t decline Dio’s invitation.

Therefore, on December 25th, Dio took Will to spend Christmas Eve on Jessica’s house because once again, Jessica and Irene’s parents weren’t there for them.

Dio has always been curious about why didn’t their parent ever give the sister any attention that they needed, was it because of Irene’s scar? Or was it something else entirely? Because even he could spend a little bit of time to be with the sister and Will.

When Will and Dio Arrived at Rockefeller Centre, Dio saw that Irene and Jessica were standing in front of some Christmas Store, once Dio parked the car and walked towards them, Irene jumped toward Dio’s arms, embracing Dio happily. Unfortunately for Will, he was ignored.

Irene immediately asked for a picture with Dio in front of the big Christmas Tree in front of the Rockefeller Centre. Still unfortunate for Will, it was his job to take a picture of the three happy people. Seeing the pitiful and sad glance from Will, Jessica promised Will that she would introduce him to one of her friends, and her friend would be one hell of a beauty!

Will was instantly perked up hearing Jessica’s promise, he eagerly helped them to get a perfect picture that soon satisfied Jessica and Irene.

As soon as Jessica and Irene lost interest in the Christmas Tree, they dragged Will and Dio toward a crowd of people, wanting to know why there were so many people in front of the shop.

“Will, your job now is to help us take pictures and help us carry stuff around. For your dedication, I will give you my friend’s number, and I promise to let her know and smooth things out for you!” Jessica said excitedly while they were queueing in front of the crowded store.

Will immediately nodded and became Jessica’s most loyal servant for the entire night, Dio knew that Will needed his own happiness soon, Will has been lonely for an awfully long time.

At the same time, Dio always smiled as some woman winked at him as they passed by, inciting Will’s anger as he slapped Dio’s head lightly.

Dio was puzzled about why Will was angry at him, but took that chance to exchange banter like a little boy again with Will.

As the four of them ventured on their Christmas night, they immediately saw a flying object coming toward the Rockefeller Centre at high speed.

“Is that a drone?” Irene asked Jessica.

“It can’t be, Drone wasn’t supposed to fly that fast!” Jessica said as he wondered about the flying object’s identity.

“It’s Iron Man! Look, there are so many Iron Armors behind him!” Will said as he pointed behind the supposed Iron Man.

“Oh shit! Run, get out of here!” Dio said as he pushed Will to take Jessica and Irene to safety.

“Why? Isn’t it just for a show? A Christmas show? Iron Man was here to protect us, isn’t he?” Will asked confusedly.

“Trust me, look! One of the armors was shot down from the sky!” Dio said vigorously so that Will and Jessica started to evacuate themselves.

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