Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 181


The busy street suddenly became chaotic as people noticed that the Iron Man was fighting against the horde of robots!

“What in God’s name is happening here?” Jessica yelled while holding Irene to her chest.

Dio tried to contact Natasha with the snail to no avail, it seemed that she didn’t have the snail on her at the moment!

Suddenly, one of the robots that fought against Tony fell off toward Dio and the others!

Seeing the imminent danger was about to befall the people he cared about, Dio immediately summoned [The World] to save everyone.

“The World!”

He quickly ordered [The World] to destroy the robots to pieces, which [The World] immediately did so.

While the crowds around them were surprised to see the robots were crumbling to pieces while it should have hit them, they began to wonder what just happened. However, Dio successfully distracts Irene, Jessica, and Will’s attention from him, and thus they didn’t know that Dio just did something extraordinary!

Iron Man, who finally noticed that chaos has erupted in the crowded street, immediately left the vicinity to minimize the casualties his fight.

The crisis in the street was temporarily lifted, but it was obvious that the crowds were no longer in the mood to continue shopping.

“Let’s go, Will and I will personally escort you back home! It’s clearly too dangerous outside right now!” Dio said toward Jessica solemnly.

Jessica had no argument and nodded her head as she knew that her sister’s safety came first.

Dio immediately led the way toward his car and waited as everyone entered the car calmly. He immediately saw from the rear-view mirror that even though Jessica was worried about her sister’s safety, Irene didn’t seem scared of any least!

Dio smiled after knowing that there was nothing to be worried about here.

In the meantime, Rhodey rushed toward Tony’s house urgently, he needed to get into the War Machine armor that Tony made.

Tony has already given Rhodey the authorization to use the armor as he saw fit!

That was all because Ivan Vanko deceived Justin Hammer into letting him create an army of automated Iron Armor to operate.

At this time, Tony, in his Iron Man suit, was having a tough time dealing with all the robots, successfully throwing the Hammer Expo into chaos!

Luckily Justin Hammer was already apprehended by the police, thanks to Pepper’s quick thinking.

Sadly, public opinion was a fickle thing.

Rhodey knew that the public would saw Tony in a very bad light after all this.

Ivan Vanko’s goal wasn’t to kill Tony, it was more like an elaborate plan to reduce the public’s trust toward Tony, and from the looks of things, it seems he succeeded! He proved himself to the public that the Iron Man wasn’t as powerful as the public may think!

At the same time, Coulson has arrived at the warehouse that was used by Ivan Vanko, but there was no sign of him anywhere, it seemed Ivan Vanko has already escaped!

On the outskirts of the city, Tony successfully led the remaining robots to a safe enough place so that there would be no casualties!

“Rhodey, are you coming to the party? I already get tired of waiting here.” Tony said through his comm.

“I am still busy saving lives here! There is another helicopter that was hit by the Iron Cans! Just wait for a little, would you!” Rhodey said answering Tony from the comm.

“Well, tell me how long it will take for you to come!” Tony said annoyedly.

“Ughh, maybe a few minutes, I don’t know! This is the first time I am using this shit!” Rhodey answered annoyedly. This is the first time that he had to use the War Machine armor by himself!

“Damn! Jarvis, initiate laser system!” Tony said irritatedly.

“Right away, Sir!” Jarvis answered immediately.

Immediately the Iron Man’s suit started to glow red, and a powerful red laser immediately shot out in a circular motion, cutting through all the robots in the vicinity!

But that flashy move used the remaining energy inside of his Ark Reactor, causing a huge amount of Palladium to enter his body!

He immediately detached himself from the Iron Man armor and immediately took out the Ark Reactor from his chest!

But as he was just about to insert a new Ark Reactor, a big man appeared from the sky, flinging Tony immediately!

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