Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 182


It was another Armored Suit with Ivan Vanko himself inside!

“You are really disappointing me this time, Stark!” Ivan Vanko said while showing his face to Tony.

“Killing you like this, took the excitement out of me!” Ivan Vanko adds while smirking evilly.

Tony was already pale from the effect of the absence of Arc Reactor inside of his chest. But fortunately, Rhodey finally arrived! Rhodey immediately knocked Ivan Vanko aside and immediately came to Tony’s aid.

“Why did you get out of your armor? Are you losing so badly?” Rhodey said while helping Tony inserting the Arc Reactor back to his chest.

Tony rolled his eyes as he was currently unable to speak from enduring the pain. But as soon as Rhodey held the Arc Reactor, Vanko immediately captured him with his Electric Whip and shocked him with it!

Rhodey unintentionally let go of the Arc Reactor as the electric current flowing through his armor.

Tony fell once again into the ground; this time, he felt that he could no longer breathe as the pain intensified. But his strong will to live made him persevere through the pain and grabbed the Arc Reactor himself!

Seeing Tony was in the position to put the Arc Reactor back himself, Rhodey knew that all he needed to do was give Tony a little bit time unhindered, and so Rhodey with his War Machine Armor immediately jumped toward Ivan Vanko and began fighting him to buy Tony a little bit of time.

Unfortunately, Rhodey’s War Machine Armor was in an unfinished state at that moment, and he still couldn’t use the armor that well either!

That was one of the reasons that Rhodey was beaten up by Ivan Vanko while waiting for Tony to finish installing his new Arc Reactor.

“Rhodey, get down!” Tony shouted from behind. That was what Rhodey has been waiting for, and he immediately got down on the ground.

Tony immediately fired another set of lasers toward Ivan Vanko, successfully cutting Ivan Vanko and his armor down!

Tony immediately reached for Rhodey and pulled the man as he was stuck under Ivan Vanko’s armor.

“Did you think you already won, Stark?” Ivan Vanko said while smirking evilly. Tony was confused as to why Vanko would still ask him that question, but his complexion immediately changed as he saw a red light coming from Ivan Vanko’s imitation Arc Reactor.

“Fuck, he installed a self-destruction mode!” Tony shouted as he immediately pulled the War Machine to fly off from the scene.

Complete to Tony’s dismay, not only Ivan Vanko’s armor was self-destructing, but also the rest of the automated armor that he destroyed earlier, meaning that the fallen armor on the city earlier will also self-destruct themselves in the middle of buzzing street!

Ivan Vanko had proved himself to the USA and its people once again that Tony was unable to save everyone from danger! He engraved it in everyone’s memory through the last firework that he created as his final statement before his death!

The word ‘I can protect everyone!’ keeps playing in Tony’s mind as if it was mocking him for his arrogance. But it was immediately cut short as he suddenly got a call from Coulson.

“Tony, sorry for disturbing you in this time of the hour, but we need you and Colonel Rhodes here. I have some bad news to tell, the Big Guy is out of control, and we couldn’t stop him by ourselves!” Coulson said from the phone.

“What Big Guy? Ivan Vanko? He’s already taken care of.” Tony said confusedly.

“No, I mean the real Big Guy! Congratulation on solving that problem, by the way.” Coulson said casually.

Coulson suddenly switched the call into a video call.

“You see, this Big Guy is a little bit bigger problem than Vanko.” Coulson said as he showed a monster looking thing was catching helicopter from the air and a few soldiers being carried away on a stretcher around Coulson.

The scene surprised Tony completely, he couldn’t believe what he just saw in that video!

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