Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 183


Three helicopters were in a rush, passing through New York City sky.

“General Ross, the base ordered us to hold the post! The new weapons and armored soldiers in the Hammer Expo are currently out of control! Do we need to assist them in handling the armored soldier, sir?” A soldier said to Thaddeus Ross.

“Don’t worry about it, just return back to base!” Ross said as he completely disregarded the Armored Soldier mess in downtown. He never truly saw the Iron Man armor be one of the best weapons for war, he saw the armor as another clown’s tool for bullshitting people. He was quite annoyed that the Air Force highly regarded the armor as something that they should have for themselves!

Although the Army and the Air Force had constantly cooperated in various things, the two-government military power had a grudge on each other.

That was because the army that had the highest percentage of death and injury was always treated the worst, and the Air Force always got to pick some new tech!

However, General Ross and some high-ranking officers in the army always tried something different to appeal to the government that the army was important! He was the one that re-activated the Biotechnology Enhancement Project, the same project that successfully created Captain America!

But in the end, the project was botched before it even began!

At the time, the tools that housed the gamma rays for the project exploded, and the doctor who worked on the project was also there!

Although his project failed, General Ross succeeded in making something else!

He created the Hulk, Dr. Banner, the scientist who worked on the gamma rays mutated into a green giant that people immediately called the Hulk!

Compared to Captain America, the Hulk was way stronger, durable, and faster!

But the only downside was that the Hulk had a toddler’s intelligence!

If only there was a way to embed Banner’s intelligence into Hulk, then it would be the perfect soldier in Thaddeus Ross’ mind!

That was also why General Ross was obsessed with capturing the Hulk for his test subject so that he could create the soldier who fit his vision!

But as the capturing process kept failing, Banner became a recluse and hid himself better, creating a major problem for Ross just to find Banner!

Not too long ago, Ross succeeded in procuring the Hulk’s blood!

He quickly created another project which experimented on that blood, this time he took his time, without pushing the scientist to make sure there was no error!

But this time, his carelessness became his downfall.

As he transported his newly researched super soldier serum, the Iron Man hit his helicopter.

The helicopter lost its balance, as the result, the serum fell from the helicopter to the ground below!

The War Machine was in time to rescue Ross and the rest of the army, but the impact of losing his experiment hit Ross, where it hurt!

General Ross immediately left the scene, looking somewhat troubled, but he didn’t know that the soldier that War Machine rescued was healing very fast, although they fell into a coma, the doctor was surprised that the soldier didn’t have any injuries on his body!

After quite some time, the soldier was awakened with a blood-curdling roar.

The medical staff immediately came to the soldier’s aide, trying to give him a sedative to calm him down.

Unfortunately, the soldier couldn’t be sedated anymore, and the soldier’s body was rapidly swelling and deforming into an unknown monster!

After seeing the scene in front of them, the medical staff started to scream and run to save their lives, but unfortunately, some of them were caught and killed by the monster.

General Ross was immediately informed, and he immediately knew that the monster was his creation!

He just knew it, even though the monster was nothing like the original Hulk!

General Ross immediately dispatched his soldier to capture the monster while showing a crazy obsessed smile on his face!

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