Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 184


Tony watched the scene of the monster ripping through the soldier and artillery like paper. Even the rocket launcher couldn’t injure the monster!

What could he do against such a sturdy creature?

The laser beam perhaps, but at his current state, Tony knew that the palladium poisoning would be too much for his body!

But he couldn’t just ignore this situation in front of him!

He couldn’t let Ivan Vanko’s words be part of his legacy!

So, after watching the scene from his phone for a couple of minutes, Tony immediately flew toward the scene with Rhodey behind him.

Tony also told Coulson to find Dio as soon as possible, as he might need Dio’s help after he resolved the current predicament at hand!

Tony knew that Dio wouldn’t be able to help him every time, but he must try no matter what!

He seriously needed the new element for his Ark Reactor as he won’t be able to perform as he should with a constant fear that the palladium on his blood would rise again.

At first, Coulson laughed as he thought Tony was joking but, as Tony arrived at the scene, Coulson was surprised that Tony wasn’t lying to him, not one bit!

At the same time, Dio arrived at the villa and still decorating the villa in a Christmas theme.

The TV was turned on and still broadcasting the explosion around New York City from the armored robots before.

The news said that the situation had calmed down and that there was no more danger in the city!

But Dio knew more than that, he knew that there was still more to it, but he was still not quite sure what it was yet!

His phone kept ringing several times, and from the lack of id on the screen, he knew that the SHIELD was trying to reach him and maybe ask him for some help.

He has already made himself clear that he didn’t want to be disturbed that day, so in his annoyance, he threw the phone inside his cabinet and closed it so that the ringing tone didn’t bother him anymore!

“Isn’t that a satellite phone? If they call you from that, doesn’t that mean they’re in trouble? Is it okay for you to ignore them?” Jessica said from the door, she was a little bit curious because Dio kept ignoring the call.

“It’s okay. It just another business call, but now it’s time for a private matter. They can’t force me to do what they want as I need my time to relax too.” Dio said while smiling toward Jessica.

Jessica sighed as she heard Dio’s word. If only her parent followed Dio’s example a little bit, Jessica and Irene wouldn’t feel abandoned!

Jessica understood that her parent only wanted the best for her and Irene, but she knew that parental love was necessary for growing up too!

“Dio, do you think my bunny wrapper is cute?” Irene asked as he showed Dio what she just made from the flour.

Dio nodded and smiled as he looks over to Irene, making the girl smiles excitedly and jumped around while saying that she would make many of it.

At the same time, Dio received a text saying that Tony was in danger and he needed Dio’s help!

Dio only took a small glance and shut his phone down.

At the same time, Jessica’s phone also rang!

The number was unknown, and she didn’t want to answer it at first, but after some persistent call, she eventually picked up, and after a little talk, Jessica gave the phone to Dio while saying that the call was for him.

Dio took the phone and hung up immediately and then turned off Jessica’s phone too!

“There, it should be fine now.” Dio said as he gave back the phone to Jessica.

But immediately, Irene and Will’s phone also rang!

Dio was beyond annoyed on how persistent the SHIELD was!

Couldn’t they handle Ivan Vanko by themselves?

Why would they need him now?

Irene, who saw that Dio was annoyed by the constant call, took the initiative and turned off her own phone.

Irene looked at Dio with a smile on her face.

Will, who was playing a game on the TV by himself was annoyed as nobody gave attention to him, no one even asked him if he was hungry or thirsty either!

He wanted to answer the phone as a revenge to Dio, but as he remembered Jessica’s promise, he decided not to and turned off his phone too!

Just when Dio thought that no one would bother them again, Natasha’s voice directly rang inside his head!

“Dio, the situation is dire! Tony is dying, can you help us out here?” Natasha said urgently.

Dio totally forgot about the snail that he gave to Natasha!

He wanted to sever the connection, but he thought of something better because he got interested after hearing that Tony was dying!

“Speak, what the fuck is going on?” Dio said as he remembered the buck load of cash Tony gave every time he came by.

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