Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 185


Natasha felt relieved as soon as she heard that Dio finally answered her call. She knew if she couldn’t get a hold of Dio, Coulson would have to come in person to Dio’s place!

“The specific situation is that after Tony finally able to solve his situation with Ivan Vanko, a new monster appeared! The Army called it an Abomination! It’s like a creature I have never seen before. It’s literary looks like a creature that comes from a child nightmare! General Ross was making it hard too. He keeps shouting not to interfere nor kill the monster!” Natasha said in a hurry.

Dio, who was busy cooking for Irene and Jessica was shocked after he heard Natasha’s report, this wasn’t supposed to happen now!

So many variables had changed, the Hulk was supposed to be there to fight off the Abomination, not Iron Man!

“This is all started after General Ross was caught up in a helicopter crash because of the Ivan Vanko situation earlier! He was transferring some military research tube when the accident happened, and accidentally the tube is broken due to the crash, and one of his soldiers accidentally came into contact with the substance inside!” Natasha reported.

“What about bombing out the monster while evacuating the area?” Dio said curiously.

“General Ross doesn’t want that; he wants to preserve the monster for further research! Because of this, many plans failed before we could start using any of them!” Natasha said, a little bit irritated.

“Now, what happened to Tony?” Dio asked curiously.

“Tony and Colonel Rhodes were nearby, so we asked them to help. At first, Tony could handle the monster with his laser weapon, but as soon as General Ross saw that the laser was effectively damaging the monster, he yelled and threw a tantrum so that Tony would stop using the laser to the monster, after that, the situation had gone into a stalemate!” Natasha said annoyedly.

“Are you sure there is no green monster helping you there?” Dio asked curiously.

“What green monster? Did you think this is a fantasy fight? Stop joking about everything, asshole!” Natasha said angrily.

Now, Dio was a little bit confused, if The Hulk was nowhere nearby, then Tony and Ross shouldn’t have the necessary equipment to fight off the Hulk yet!

“So, in other words, you want me to deal with this monster of yours?” Dio asked solemnly.

“Yes, and for another thing, we need you to heal Tony too, he suffered heavy injuries from the monster just earlier. We couldn’t move him, and the medical team also couldn’t do anything for him!” Natasha said urgently.

Well, isn’t Tony miserable?

Dio sympathized with Tony for a little while.

Jessica, on the side, was curious as she saw that Dio was like daydreaming for a minute. She immediately tapped Dio’s back and asked, “Is something wrong?”

Dio immediately said, “Nothing. I just remember something I need to take care of. I will be back after the afternoon.”

“Well, if that’s the case, be careful out there, you saw just how dangerous the world has turned into earlier!” Jessica said worriedly.

“It’s okay, I will be careful!” Dio said while looking somewhat apologetically.

Dio immediately walked out the door and turned his phone back on, he immediately called Coulson and asked him for his current position at that moment.

“It’s too late for that, I am already on my way to you now! go to an open space or to the top of the building, I am coming with a helicopter!” Coulson said with a buzzing sound of the helicopter on the background.

“Okay, I will wait for you on top of an apartment building near my house!” Dio said casually.

A few minutes later, Dio finally sat inside the helicopter with Coulson beside him.

“I haven’t seen you for a while, are you avoiding me by any chance?” Dio asked Coulson as he sat in the helicopter.

“What? No, there is no such thing! I am just busy. Director Fury worked me to the bone!” Coulson said while showing his trademark smiles!

“Good then, I almost thought that you are just avoiding to pay back my compensation!” Dio said casually.

“Oh no, you should go to Director Fury for that, he already agreed to pay for your lost!” Coulson said casually.

“But the last time I met him, he said that I need to settle things with you personally. He said that SHIELD wouldn’t intervene with the private matter of the agent!” Dio said truthfully.

“I will talk about that with the Director Fury as I returned back to the base later, now we have another urgent matter at our hands!” Coulson said, trying to buy more time.

“Okay then, I will wait for the good news later.” Dio said casually.

Coulson, on the side, was gritting his teeth.

Once he returned to the SHIELD HQ, he will make sure that Nick Fury would receive his complaint!

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