Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 186


“Keep firing! Don’t let the monster escape!” An army soldier shouted in a frenzied manner.

“General Ross, we should let the SHIELD take over this operation! I don’t think we could hold this monster for much longer!” A soldier said nervously to General Thaddeus Ross.

“No! the SHIELD agent would kill the Abomination! We must capture it alive! Just think about it, in the future, the army would have this power!” Ross said while smirking in his own thoughts.

“But sir, the price was too much! Our soldier was beaten up out there! If they knew that there was no support coming to help to capture this monster, their morale would drop!” The soldier said, trying to reason with his general.

“Then shut your mouth and don’t let them know that!” Ross said in an annoyed tone.

The soldier gritted his teeth and left Ross alone, as he didn’t believe that the general that he has been following all this time could be this cruel!

But in his way out of the general’s compound, he shouted, “You are a madman, Ross! I swear you will go to the Military Court for this!” and then he left!

General Ross ignored the soldier’s threat and called other personnel to execute his own plan.

“Are you ready? Is everything ready as planned?” General Ross asked the phone.

“Everything is ready, sir. We are waiting for your orders!” A soldier said on the phone.

“Do it!” General Ross said confidently.

“Roger that!” The soldier said, at the same time, Ross was looking at the Abomination and saw that the soldiers were pouring flammable oil in the ground around the monster and then drenched one barrel of oil directly to the monster!

They started to ignite the oil and let the monster burn.

Ross could see that the Abomination gradually got slower and weaker while it was wailing on fire while a call suddenly comes in.

“Sir, the experiment succeeds, the monster was starting to get weaker!” A soldier said confidently.

Ross smiled triumphantly, now that he managed to capture the monster, he didn’t need to answer for his action in the Military Court anymore!

But all he knew at that moment was that the serum that he created from the Hulk’s blood was still imperfect!

He still had to conduct many more experiments to perfect it!

He had dealt with the Hulk many times in the past, and the one thing he realized after observing the Abomination was that while the Hulk had a mind like a toddler, the Abomination was like a caged beast!

This was not what he was after, he needed the serum to pertain the mind of the soldier so that it could carry out orders!

But as soon as he saw a helicopter landed near the Abomination, he knew that he had to think of this matter another day, as he had to deal with the SHIELD for the moment!

Dio immediately got off from the helicopter as soon as possible, and he saw that the Abomination was indeed there while the Hulk was nowhere to be seen!

But he realized that this Abomination wasn’t exactly the real Abomination as he used his [Life Magnetism Overdrive] he could see that the Abomination’s life force was declining at a fast rate!

This means that this Abomination’s gene structure was beginning to collapse, and it will die anytime soon!

Compared with the Hulk, this Abomination was nothing as strong as the former!

Dio was a little bit disappointed that he wouldn’t get the chance to fight with the real Abomination, but it was less trouble too, so he didn’t really mind in the end!

But Dio also wondered where the Hulk currently was, he should be somewhere nearby at this point of time!

In the end, he followed Coulson toward the Medical Room, where Tony was supposed to be. But as he walked past the cafeteria, Dio immediately grabbed some vegetables and a juicer.

“What is that for?” Coulson asked curiously.

“This is for Tony, obviously. Didn’t he say that he needed my green juice?” Dio said casually.

Coulson shake his head in wonderment, he had no choice but to entrust Tony’s life to Dio as the medical personnel in that Army Compound couldn’t do anything for Tony!

“Here he is, Tony is inside this room!” Coulson said as soon as they arrived outside Tony’s room.

“What is his situation?” Dio asked curiously to Natasha that are waiting outside the room.

“Tony was still undergoing surgery to remove the piece of metal that pierced his abdomen, but sadly the Palladium Poisoning was too severe, so the doctor had to wait for you to come!” Natasha said solemnly.

“Okay, you don’t need to worry any longer, I will save Tony for sure!” Dio said solemnly.

But Coulson immediately stopped Dio as soon as Dio walked toward the room.

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