Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 187


“You will walk in while still carrying all those vegetables? Are you serious?” Coulson said worriedly.

Dio just shrugged his shoulder and entered the room immediately, Coulson had no time to bring Dio to disinfecting room and a change of clothes!

Coulson immediately followed Dio inside and shocked for the second time after realizing that Dio was searching for a socket to turn the Juicer on!

As soon as he saw a socket, Dio immediately used the Juicer to make a juice out of the vegetables that he brought from the cafeteria earlier.

Coulson was confused, he knew that there was nothing special with the vegetables that Dio had brought with him earlier, so what did that juice have to do with Tony’s situation?

He wanted to ask Dio about all this but decided not to as he knew that he didn’t really have a solid question for Dio.

After a few seconds, Dio immediately turned off the Juicer and poured the juice inside a mug looking satisfied.

“That’s it?” Coulson asked spontaneously.

“What else did you expect? Stop asking nonsense! If you want to see my work, shut the hell up! If you don’t, feel free to wait outside!” Dio said a little coldly. He didn’t like to be questioned for everything he did, so he was a little bit annoyed by Coulson.

Natasha, who was still there, laughed a little after seeing Dio called out Coulson that fast.

But as to not prolong the matter any further, Natasha told the doctor who was keeping Tony alive to relax and let Dio save Tony.

The doctors were already covered with sweat, but they still didn’t move after Natasha told them that they might leave, as they didn’t trust Dio and didn’t know what he was capable of!

Dio also knew that those doctors wouldn’t leave that easily, so he immediately asked them about Tony’s current situation.

“The patient’s lower abdomen was pierced by an iron bar. We tried to remove the iron, but the patient was too weak to go through surgery, the organs were slowly failing as we speak!” The doctor said urgently.

“So, all I need to do now is take out this piece of iron and heal the organs on his body and then sew the injuries back, right?” Dio asked the doctors casually.

Hearing Dio talked so casually worried the doctor even more than before, but all Dio said was the simplest way to say what they needed to do hours ago, so they nodded their head reluctantly.

“I understand now, so would you guys go out for a while? I don’t want anybody to disturb me while I am working!” Dio said casually.

Dio’s demand confused the doctors, they didn’t understand Dio at all!

Why would he want to perform surgery alone? Furthermore, the life of a billionaire was at stake here!

“Are you sure you don’t need any of their help?” Natasha asked Dio curiously.

“Yes, now chop-chop people, we don’t want the asshole to die on the table now, do we?” Dio said urgently.

Natasha understood that Dio really wanted to work alone, so she immediately escorted the Doctors outside with Coulson following her.

But as soon as she walked toward the Exit, Dio called her.

“Natasha, I’ll probably need you later. Just wait for my signal outside!” Dio said casually.

Natasha nodded her head and walked outside while closing the door behind her.

Dio was left with Tony who was slowly dying on the surgery table, Dio couldn’t believe that Tony trusted him so much, even making sure that the SHIELD would bring Dio if anything bad happened to him!

But instead of feeling honored, Dio felt strange, he didn’t expect this kind of sentiment from Tony of all people!

But no matter what, Dio will charge Tony expensively for this medical treatment!

Dio knew that he would get a lot of money for this, so he didn’t hesitate and immediately activated the [Gold Experience] card to save Tony.

The remaining usage time was 23 minutes, this should be enough, but in case it wasn’t enough, he already had the charging card to get the 30 minutes usage time back!

After seeing Tony, Dio immediately knew that he wouldn’t be able to handle the side effect of the [Pearl Jam].

This was also one of the reasons that he used the [Gold Experience] directly.

Dio immediately pulled out the iron bar roughly, exposing a big hole on Tony’s abdomen and blood splattered everywhere.

The various machine connected to Tony’s vital sign, immediately blaring a loud noise, giving a signal that the patient was about to die!

Dio still acted casually and put his hand above the wound on Tony’s abdomen and started to use [Gold Experience] life energy into the wound!

Tony, who was starting to get pale as a sign of losing blood, immediately calmed down, and his complexion was starting to return.

The first and most dangerous step was solved!

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