Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 188


Although that was not the first time Dio used the [Gold Experience], he was still unwilling to spend the usage time of the Stand like this!

With [Gold Experience] power, he could even save the fake Abomination outside and let it go on rampage some more!

But now, he had to stabilize Tony’s condition first!

Dio began to examine the injuries that Tony’s organ had taken and sighed heavily due to the mess inside of his stomach and that the bleeding was too severe!

Dio realized that he didn’t have any knowledge of Human Anatomy, so he couldn’t possibly heal Tony at this rate, so he must get someone else with the knowledge involved, however reluctant he was!

Dio immediately went outside to see if any of the Doctors was still here, and once he looked outside, he was not surprised that the only one there was just Natasha alone!

“Can you help me out with something inside?” Dio asked annoyedly.

“Did you or did you not understand Human Anatomy?” Dio asked seriously.

“I do know about that stuff. What did you need me for?” Natasha asked curiously.

Dio immediately signed that she should come inside and said, “Every second count, I need you to rearrange the organ inside of his stomach!” Dio said casually.

“Are you sure he isn’t dead yet?” Natasha asked with worry.

“Did you think I would call you in if he’s already dead? Don’t question me again, woman!” Dio said a little bit irritatedly.

Natasha raised her hands up as a sign that she wouldn’t question Dio again.

“Now, just arrange the organ back to their respective position, and that’s it!” Dio said solemnly.

“Are you sure? Doesn’t he lose too much blood already? We could ask Coulson to bring more blood in the meantime.” Natasha said worriedly.

“No, it would take too long for that! Every second is valuable right now. He will live after I am done. There is no need to worry about anything else!” Dio said urgently.

Natasha nodded, showing that she understood the urgency of the matter at hand.

She immediately put on the medical glove and began to rearrange Tony’s organ back to their original position.

Dio sighed in relief and began to pump the life energy from the [Gold Experience] into Tony’s body.

This feat wasn’t easy even if Dio had the [Gold Experience] with him.

He had to provide Tony with ample life energy so that he wouldn’t go into a state of shock from losing a lot of blood and trauma from the organ rearrangement and at the same time, Dio had to turn some of the life energy from the [Gold Experience] into the blood so that Tony wouldn’t die from blood lost!

Fortunately for Dio, Natasha was very efficient on her part, and she arranged the organ back quickly and made sure that there was nothing wrong with any of them too.

Dio felt so much at ease because of Natasha’s efficient work.

As soon as Natasha put one organ back to its place, Dio immediately infused an ample amount of life energy so that the organ could jump-start itself!

Natasha herself was surprised by Dio’s ability.

That was the first time she saw a ruptured organ being brought back to life without any scar on it!

If she didn’t touch and observe the organ herself, she would believe that the injury on the organ was all an illusion!

She began to wonder if this was the true meaning of healing.

No wonder Dio had such great confidence in his own ability to heal people!

It was just like if Dio was present during a person was injured, no matter how bad their condition is, Dio would be able to save them!

She was left surprised the whole time.

There was no more doubt in her mind that Dio was truly capable of godly things!

With the two of them efficiently did their part, in a mere three minutes of time, Tony’s organ has been put into its original place, and Tony’s complexion also improved significantly.

“Is that everything?” Dio asked Natasha casually.

“Yeah, I am sure that’s everything!” Natasha said curiously.

Dio shrugged his shoulder and immediately put his hands over Tony’s wound and closed it completely.

Now the most exciting thing was about to happen was, whether Tony will really wake up after this or not.

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