Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 189


Natasha saw that the open wound in Tony’s abdomen from the iron bar was completely healed, without leaving the slightest scar!

Natasha couldn’t see the [Gold Experience] that was standing behind Dio, and thus she regarded the Stand’s ability to be Dio’s personal ability!

“Is this your true ability, or is this also part of that Hamon Energy?” Natasha asked in awe.

“Yeah, this is part of the Hamon Energy. This energy basically can do anything!” Dio said proudly.

Dio immediately de-summoned the [Gold Experience] as he didn’t want to waste any more of its usage time. He has already spent five minutes on healing Tony just now!

If it was anyone else but Tony, he wouldn’t go through all that trouble. It was all because Dio knew just how important Tony was to this world!

Furthermore, Dio also had the Recharge Card, so he basically still had another 30 minutes of [Gold Experience] if he ever used up the remaining time of the Stand.

Natasha didn’t know the reality of Hamon Energy’s power, so she just nodded her head even though she didn’t truly believe that the Hamon Energy could do anything!

But she also knew that Dio’s ability was still shrouded in mysteries, especially the invisible monster that not even the latest tech could detect!

The SHIELD even gave it the name ‘Ghost Killer’ to make sure every agent knew that they wouldn’t be able to detect the enemy presence!

“Can you teach this Hamon Energy manipulation to others? I mean, can I learn this technique?” Natasha asked curiously.

“I am very sorry, but this power is unique, and it chooses its own wielder. Even if I tried to teach you how to use it, you still would not be able to use it.” Dio said casually.

“How would you know? I mean, I haven’t even tried it yet!” Natasha said, pushing Dio to teach her.

“If you insist, you could try for yourself! Breathe in and out ten times in a second for the first lesson! If you can do that, I will teach you the next step of the technique!” Dio said casually.

Dio wasn’t lying to Natasha, that was indeed a prerequisite to learn Hamon Energy.

Although it sounded so simple, a normal person still won’t be able to do it!

Natasha quickly followed Dio’s instruction and tried to breathe as fast as she could, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t do it!

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“I am not making it impossible for you. In fact, I am now able to breathe in and out 20 times per second and can inhale for 10 minutes now. This is all the most basic breathing exercise for mastering this technique!” Dio said as he saw that Natasha frowned and stopped talking.

Dio sighed as Natasha was still frowning and silent on the spot, but he shrugged his shoulder and immediately took the green juice from earlier and made Tony drank it all.

The black lines that were extending from Tony’s chest, indicating the palladium poisoning, immediately retracted back toward his Arc Reactor.

Tony, who was still under the anesthesia effect, immediately woke up and vomited a large amount of black blood!

He was filling the whole room with a pungent odor.

Dio immediately put his breathing technique into good use, as he held his breath as to not smell Tony’s vomit.

Natasha however, immediately opened the door and windows to make sure the odor left the room.

Coulson that was already waiting outside immediately got startled by the aroma and the urgency that he felt as Natasha opened the door.

Tony continued to vomit the black blood for a few extra minutes, and the black lines slowly faded from his body.

“How do you feel?” Dio asked Tony casually.

“I’m glad that you finally extended your business to delivery service!” Tony said comically.

“Yeah, you are lucky that the delivery service is finally here. Not only bringing your food right to your face, but I also act as a field doctor this time!” Dio said while pointing toward Tony’s abdomen.

Tony was startled as he remembered being struck with an iron bar, but as he saw his own abdomen, he didn’t even see any scar on it!

Tony knew that his memory wasn’t tempered, nor was it an illusion!

He immediately understood that it was all because of Dio’s ability!

“I didn’t know that you could be a real doctor too, with no scar whatsoever, I no longer need to worry that Pepper would scold me later!” Tony said casually.

“You still have to think of the new element for your light bulb over there. The palladium poisoning has increased into a really dangerous level. I am afraid your body will reach its limit soon!” Dio said as he pointed toward Tony’s Arc Reactor.

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