Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 190


“You can’t use the armor again after this! Your body wouldn’t be able to handle the spread of palladium anymore!” Dio said solemnly.

Tony sat silently after hearing Dio’s word. He completely lost his determination because Iron Man was his identity. Without it, he was just a rich man with a nasty attitude!

“There is no time to chat now! The battle outside isn’t over yet, and we need to leave this place quickly!” Coulson said as he couldn’t stand seeing Tony all gloomy any longer.

“Tony, cheer up, you will come up with something later for sure!” Natasha said, trying to reassure Tony that he will be able to solve his problem later.

“Yes, I will definitely come up with a totally new element! Now, we need to deal with that monster outside first!” Tony said, getting his confidence back.

“Well, for that, we need to go!” Coulson said while urging the rest of them to go out from the room.

“Wait, where is Rhodey?” Tony asked Coulson curiously.

“He was in a coma, but fortunately, he was in no grave condition, so we immediately transferred him to somewhere safe quickly.” Coulson said urgently.

Tony nodded and immediately walked out of the room with Dio and the rest.

While walking towards the gate, they saw that the army was still trying to bombard the fake Abomination with various kinds of explosives.

Dio noticed that the Abomination was already in the brink of death, there was massive blood flowing through its head, and its chest was stung so badly from Tony’s laser work!

But The army has its own agenda.

After bombarding the creature, they immediately launched a High Voltage power grid to capture the monster.

The fake Abomination easily evaded it and ran straight toward Dio and the others.

Dio got startled and immediately made a move to block the monster using his Hamon Energy from advancing any further while making sure that Natasha and the rest had time to evacuate!

Completely to everyone’s surprise, Dio, who was much smaller than the creature easily stopped the Abomination in its track!

Everyone was left shocked right after Dio raised his hands and chopped the creature’s arm right off from its shoulder!

This feat was incredible!

Everyone was seeing that Dio looked comparably normal and without using any sharp tools on top of it.

The creature roared in pain from the shock of losing its arm, the creature quickly looked around wildly, probably searching for a place to run, but after realizing that he wouldn’t get far with the man that chopped its arm, he roared once again and tried to attack Dio!

Dio shook his head in disappointment, he could predict this creature’s every move!

“It seems I expected too much from this creature!” Dio said disappointedly.

Dio immediately took the chopped off arm of the creature from the ground and prepared himself to attack the monster with it.

The Army Soldier that was stunned after seeing Dio’s completely domineering strength looked at Dio with a dumb look on their face.

Even Tony, who was running away from the creature with Natasha and Coulson, looked back and stopped to see Dio in action.

At this point, Tony didn’t really know who was the real monster there!

Dio’s shocking performance continues, he quickly slammed the chopped arm to the creature’s head, the creature was down on its knee due to the impact, making everyone hold their breath in amazement!

General Ross, on the side, was looking at Dio with the same expression as the rest of his soldiers, completely forgot to give them any order. He was wondering who Dio was because he easily handled his dream soldier like a dog!

The supersoldier that he had dreamed in a very long time was easily defeated!

The creature itself looked at Dio with complete disbelief. It didn’t seem to understand why a creature much smaller than it could be more powerful! It knew that it had no choice but to submit to this small man as its survival instinct kicked in!

But Dio wasn’t going to let this monster live for another day! He was ready to kill it on the spot!

At the same time, General Ross immediately realized what will happen. Frantically shouted to his shoulder to stop the person in front of the creature!

“Shoot him! Don’t let him kill the creature! Shoot!” General Ross said frantically.

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