Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 196


“What? I am Thor of Asgard, you human!” Thor said as Dio threw him to the ground.

Thor felt the difference in physical strength almost immediately, even though Odin has taken his divinity, Thor still has the Asgardian powerful physique, but it didn’t really do anything in front of Dio.

“What is this guy blabbing about?” Will said confusedly as he heard Thor talking about Asgard.

“Complete gibberish is what it is! He is mental!” Dio said as he tied up the thunder god.

In the evening, Will left after he was done with his shift, and Barton came back to the restaurant to check on Thor once more. He was a little bit worried that Dio would accidentally kill Thor, although he never saw Dio used his strength before, he already knew what Dio was capable of from Natasha, Coulson, and even Nick Fury!

“Now, are you coming with me?” Dio asked Barton.

“Of course, it will be on me if you kill that guy on my watch!” Barton said casually.

“Okay then, let’s throw him inside the car, I want to get this over with!” Dio said casually toward Barton.

Barton nodded, and soon, Thor that was tied by Dio, couldn’t move and being thrown into the car while Barton and Dio sat on the front listening to some music.

Dio quickly drove into the city outskirt, where some curious civilians wouldn’t interfere with him.

Dio purposely left the car on while lighting the ground in front of him with the car headlight while Barton once again was tasked to pull Thor out of the car.

As Barton untied Thor, the first thing that the annoyed god do was trying to hit Barton to make his escape, but Barton was quick on his feet!

He dodged Thor’s attack and landed a counterattack of his own!

The two quickly engaged in a fistfight while ignoring Dio, Dio didn’t really bother stopping them, although he really wanted to drop a few good punches on the god of thunder himself!

Dio had to say that Barton was indeed a very capable martial artist, he was very flexible and observant, he didn’t let any attack landed on him, no matter how hard the enemy tried.

On the other hand, Thor was on the verge of fury as he couldn’t land a single hit on Barton.

Thor was too rough on his punch. Clearly, the god of thunder didn’t really learn any efficient martial arts and always relied on power alone!

It didn’t take too long for Thor to finally give up trying to hit Barton as he started panting from fatigue.

Thor finally experienced the effect of becoming a mortal, a day without eating or resting would make him extremely weak!

But at the same moment, Dio threw an axe toward Thor that he caught confusedly.

Barton was startled as he saw Dio gave an axe to Thor, he immediately pulled out a combat knife in case Thor tried to attack him again with the axe!

True enough, Thor roared and rushed forward to attack Barton again with the axe.

But Barton was now on a complete disadvantage, his combat knife couldn’t block the seer amount of power that Thor could deal with each of his attack with the axe!

In the end, Barton, who couldn’t handle Thor’s raw power, retreated and threw the knife that he held towards Thor!

This action managed to stop Thor for a moment, enough time for Barton to take out his bow and arrow from the car!

Thor didn’t know that Barton wasn’t a fighter, but an archer instead!

While Thor realized that he would not have a chance of winning if he didn’t get close to Barton, it was already too late!

Barton has already pulled out an arrow from his quiver and already aimed it at Thor, ready to shoot!

But, Dio immediately stopped the fight as he pushed Thor to the side and held the arrow on Barton’s bow!

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