Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 197


Dio immediately stopped the fight as he saw that the result was pretty clear, it would end in a draw!

Thor wouldn’t stop even after he got shot from Barton, and it would end in the catastrophic result!

But if Thor regained his divinity, Barton wouldn’t have any chance to fight back!

Thor immediately stood up and glared at Dio, he felt so wronged this time!

Not only that the human tied him up and not give him any food, he even pushed him aside like a weakling!

“Fight me, mortals! Let’s see how powerful you actually are!” Thor said as he tried to swing the axe toward Dio.

But he was suddenly flung 10 feet to the sky, and dropped down painfully while the axe was no longer on his hands but was held by Dio instead!

Barton himself was startled to see the speed and power that Dio possessed, he couldn’t see clearly what just happened himself!

But Dio didn’t attack Thor, instead he pulled out a black plastic bag from the trunk of the car and threw it towards Thor.

“Eat it! I wouldn’t fight a hungry warrior!” Dio said casually.

This is Dio’s means as to not make Thor his enemy.

There is a term ‘Stick and Carrot’ that he wanted to use here.

Thor immediately tried to get up with a clear sign that he was in pain all over his face, but he still reached for the plastic bag and immediately ate!

“I will knock out the two of you after this and look for Jane right after, Jane is so much nicer!” Thor said like a pouting child.

Thor ate everything inside the bag ravenously, he ate two wheels of pizza, five burgers, five sandwiches, and two big bottles of coke!

Dio was a little bit put off by the gods’ uncivilized eating manner, but he couldn’t blame him.

“Human, for the sake of this good food! I will not kill you in our fight!” Thor said with a satisfied smile.

Dio was trying his hard to not laugh at Thor’s word, Thor clearly didn’t know what he will experience here!

Dio immediately pulled out several sets of hammer and axe, then threw it to the ground.

“Come, pick up your weapons, Asgardian! If you managed to injure me, I promise that you will get everything you want!” Dio said confidently.

Barton looked at Dio with a questionable look on his face, Dio wasn’t the one taking the shot here!

But Barton didn’t try to stop Dio as he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against him!

But clearly, Thor was humiliated!

He never experienced someone disregarding him like this.

He was a man of legend!

A god of thunder!

So, he couldn’t understand why the young man in front of him would be this cocky!

Thor immediately grabbed two axes and immediately rushed forward to attack Dio, but complete to his dismay, Dio didn’t even try to dodge his attack!

Thor’s axes hit Dio’s chest directly, but it failed even to scratch Dio’s shirt!

But the axes weren’t so lucky.

The handle near Thor’s grip broke from the sheer power that Thor used on his attack!

“Aim for the head, you idiot!” Dio said furiously.

“What are you talking about!” Thor said as he was completely startled with Dio’s sudden anger.

“You have a complete standstill target, and you still didn’t aim for the head? What are you? a fucking pussy?” Dio said as he punched Thor’s face, but this time, Dio controlled his power so that Thor won’t be injured, just knocked him down to the ground.

Feeling humiliated, Thor immediately stood up and once again attacked Dio with the other two axes that he grabbed beside him.

But complete to Dio’s annoyance, Thor still targeted his chest!

“Fuck, are you deaf? Which part of ‘Aim for the Head!’ that you fail to understand?” Dio said, now seething with rage and annoyance.

Thor was once again thrown to the ground, after receiving another hit from Dio.

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