Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 198


Even Barton, who was observing Dio and Thor’s fight, was confused about why Dio suddenly snapped out of nowhere while ordering Thor to aim for the head.

In fact, no one would know Dio’s motive as he was the only one who knew the future. He was trying to make sure that Thor will aim for Thanos’ head and thus ending the infinity war so much earlier!

Thor, who was once again flung to the ground by Dio, was furious and extremely embarrassed that he was being toyed by a mere mortal. He quickly stood up again and rushed toward Dio with the two axes on his hands.

“Just like that! Let your anger roar and aim for the head!” Dio shouted to Thor.

“Die, mortal!” Thor said as he still hit Dio’s chest!

For the first time after coming into this world, Dio felt desperate!

It was either Thor couldn’t listen to what he said, or the guy was simply too stupid!

“Stand up! Are all Asgardian as weak as you? What is this bullshit! Why did you keep aiming lower than I ordered you to, you piece of shit!” Dio said as he taunted Thor to get up.

Thor fell into silence as he heard Dio badmouthing the only pride that he had, the Asgard!

“Asgard isn’t weak! We are all fighters!” Thor said as he finally felt a burning desire to cut Dio’s head off! Thor immediately rushed forward and finally aimed the axe at Dio’s head!

Unfortunately, as the axe got close enough to Dio, Thor knows that his effort was futile, the axe wouldn’t scratch Dio, not even one bit!

Thor closed his eyes as the axe’s handle was broken once again, from the impact with Dio’s Hamon Energy.

He knew that Dio would attack him again shortly, and Thor closed his eyes in anticipation of Dio’s attack, but he soon realized that the attack he waited for never come.

“Congratulation, you finally did it! Now, make sure you remember to always go for the head in the future!” Dio said while clapping his hands appreciatively.

Thor was surprised by Dio’s behavior, he was humiliated for sure, as there was no enemy ever did anything like this to him in the past!

He immediately stood up and tried to hit Dio with his bare hands this time, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t land a punch!

Dio immediately flung Thor toward the grounds once again as he deemed that Thor had learned to aim for the head in the future, and there was no need to continue fighting.

But Thor was relentless, he once again picked up a weapon near his feet and once again attacked Dio’s head with it.

“That’s more like it, remember to do that every time!” Dio said encouragingly, but this time, he didn’t throw Thor to the ground as he didn’t feel it was necessary anymore.

“What are you? There is no way you would be able to block everything like this! Are you a god too?” Thor said curiously.

Dio at first thought that Thor only complimented him as a god so that he didn’t lose his pride, but as time went by, Dio finally realized that Thor really thought Dio was a god, so Dio kept quiet about it as he knew that Thor had to keep his pride intact!

Thor, on the other hand, was contemplating his life choices, he finally knew that he wasn’t the mightiest of all on the universe, he also regretted declaring war with the frost giant in Jotunheim.

If he didn’t do that, his father Odin wouldn’t get mad at him and throw him to Midgard!

If he was calm enough to keep his composure and make sure the nine realms were at peace, he might have already become the new king of Asgard, replacing his father now!

At the same time, Barton walked over to Thor’s body that suddenly fell to the ground to check his condition, and he immediately knew that Thor only fainted due to fatigue.

“There is nothing wrong with him now, he just tired!” Barton said casually.

“Whoops, I guess I pushed him too hard!” Dio said while feeling a little bit guilty.

But Dio also knew that this was the right thing to do, he just couldn’t let Thor fail to kill Thanos when he had the biggest chance of all the heroes later!

While busy talking with Barton, Dio failed to realize that Thor was shedding tears on the ground!

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