Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 199


While trying to carry Thor back to the car, Dio finally realized that the God of Thunder was crying!

Dio immediately knew that he was in big trouble as there was no record ever indicating the god to cry!

Maybe when his mother died, but still it must be something so impactful!

So, Dio proposed to keep Thor in the restaurant for another day, with an excuse to check on him.

Barton was a little bit startled to see Dio’s change of heart, so he immediately called Coulson to ask him whether it was okay to leave Thor with Dio or not, to which Coulson approved.

So, Barton immediately excused himself as he knew that he wasn’t needed anymore, and he agreed to come to Dio’s restaurant again tomorrow.

Dio nodded and immediately drove away with Thor in the back seat.

In the splendid place called Asgard, Odin was declaring Loki as the new King of the Gods, with almost everyone on Asgard as the witness to the grand occurrence. After the coronation, the great banquet immediately started, and now, Thor arrived in the middle of the banquet, confused about what was happening on Asgard.

“Brother, what is going on here?” Thor asked confusedly. But as Loki smiled evilly, the scene immediately changed, and now, Loki was standing on top of their parents’ lifeless body with blood on his hands.

“Why are you doing this, brother?” Thor asked Loki furiously.

“Remember, always aim for the head!” Loki said evilly while an axe suddenly appeared and beheaded Loki in front of Thor!

Thor screamed and suddenly jolted awake from his nightmare.

“Ah, you are finally awake!” Dio said casually.

Thor glanced toward where the voice was coming from and realized that he was in front of the devil that kept telling him to aim for the head earlier!

He immediately got up and tried to punch Dio in the face once more, but unfortunately, Dio was so much faster, and he immediately shoved Thor hard toward the ground, breaking the chair that was in the way of Thor’s body and the ground!

“I am relieved to see you are still full of energy, but come eat first, maybe then you could hit me once.” Dio said casually.

At first, Thor lay still on the ground, ignoring Dio’s invitation to eat, but after Thor smelled the wonderful aroma of Dio’s cooking, Thor finally relented and immediately walked toward the dining table.

“I, Thor of Asgard, will eat and fight you again after!” Thor said as he immediately started feasting on everything.

Dio was a little bit disgusted to see the god of thunder really was a man without manner!

He lost his appetite and chose to observe Thor for now.

A few minutes later, Thor was finally done eating, as there was no more food left on the table.

Dio immediately thought about what business he could make on Asgard, as the place was literally using gold as currency!

“What are you trying to pull, Human?” Thor said suddenly.

Although he hated to admit it, Thor knew that he wouldn’t be able to win against the human in front of him, at least not without his divine power!

But the human still intrigued Thor, as he never saw a human as strong as Dio before.

Dio fell silent for a bit as he didn’t really have a good purpose, in fact, his only real purpose was to live peacefully while making sure that he could get enough gold to be able to collect all the stand on the game!

But Dio also knew that no one would understand any of that!

“I already know who you are! Thor the God of Thunder, Son of Odin, Heroes of Asgard, and the Brother of Loki! I knew that what I did yesterday was absurd, but I really wanted to see whether your divinity would return once you are in deep trouble or not. Apparently, it failed!” Dio said casually.

That was the best excuse that he could come up with at that moment!

Thor’s eyes widened immediately. He immediately believed everything Dio said as he heard Dio called him the Brother of Loki, as there should be no one outside Asgard knew about it!

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