Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 200


Dio didn’t care about Thor’s doubt at all, as the only thing he cared was that he hoped Thor would leave him alone after recovering his divinity back later!

Then while Thor was in the shower, Dio immediately called Coulson to pick Thor up from his place.

But after a while, Coulson called again, but this time he showed Dio several other Asgardians.

“Look, I think you should talk to these guys for me!” Coulson said while smiling at Dio.

“They claimed themselves to be from Asgard, and they were here to talk to Thor!” Coulson added.

“But the thing is, there is something else that we need your help with as well!” Coulson said while showing Dio a clip of a metallic giant in the desert!

“This is big trouble?” Dio asked annoyedly.

“Unfortunately, it is!” Coulson said casually.

“Don’t take me wrong, but I think you have to get a little bit away this time, I don’t want you just die and forget about your debt to me!” Dio said casually.

“What? Why? You really do know something, don’t you? Well, if I die, I guess you will be collecting the money in the afterlife!” Coulson said annoyedly.

At the same time, Dio heard another person coming towards him.

“Now, I suggest you order Barton to take Thor to the hammer, I believe this thing comes for him!” Dio said to Coulson while also hanging up immediately after. He knew that Thor was finally done showering and was on his way toward him.

“Hey Thor, I have some news for you! you want to hear the bad ones or the good ones first?” Dio asked casually.

“The bad one!” Thor said curiously.

“Well, it seems the Destroyer has come here for you! But the good news is that your friends from Asgard are also here to visit!” Dio said with a grin on his face.

“But don’t worry, your ride will arrive soon to take you to meet them!” Dio added while smiling lightly to Thor.

Sure enough, Barton came with a helicopter to Dio’s house to take Thor back to the desert.

But Dio also tagged along while saying that he was bored and that he would like to watch everything ensued!

Today is Sunday, so Dio’s restaurant was closed for the day, but that wasn’t all!

Dio was also worried that somehow, he has accidentally altered the timeline so bad that Thor couldn’t even restore his divinity!

After Barton informed Coulson that Dio also tagged along, he felt uneasy!

He knew that Dio wasn’t someone who willingly joined just for the fun of it!

So, Coulson instantly knew that this time, the threat was serious!

At least worse than Ivan Vanko and the abomination combined!

So, without asking for permission from Nick Fury, Coulson called for another help!

After making the call, Coulson stepped outside and approached the metallic giant with several other agents and the group of Asgardians that were with him.

“Hello, you are using unauthorized technological weapons! Identify yourself!” Coulson said with his signature smile intact.

But the metallic giant immediately moved, and his mask was opened.

Suddenly, a powerful beam was shot from the gap on the Destroyer’s face and obliterated the nearby vehicle near Coulson!

“Run!” Coulson shouted for the rest of his agents so that they could evacuate the place.

Sif, who was there, was surprised that the Destroyer was attacking without any valid reason!

Sif immediately shouted for the rest of the Asgardians to charge toward the Destroyer to save the weak Midgardian around them!

The next few minutes were full display of the might of Sif and the Warriors Three’s fighting skill, but no matter how badass they seemed, they couldn’t even leave a scratch to the Destroyer!

Coulson, on the side, immediately realized that this metallic giant was big trouble!

He immediately issued for the rest of the agents to support the warriors fighting the giant and delayed the giant’s advance toward the city until reinforcement arrived!

In an instant, the rest of the Agents of SHIELD opened fire toward the Destroyer, but there was no effect whatsoever!

The bullet couldn’t even scratch the armor of the giant!

But as the agent opened fire, Sif and the Warriors Three forced them to retreat, thus ending the shootout.

This was proven to be a wrong move as the Destroyer opened his mask again, and an orangish light was immediately shot out through the gap on its face!

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