Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 201


“Is Thor still not here?” Sif asked Coulson anxiously.

“Although I didn’t understand the importance of that guy against such a formidable enemy, it will take some time before he arrived here!” Coulson said casually.

Coulson knows that their current situation didn’t look good at all!

No weapons of his could do anything against the Destroyer, and the only four people in the scene who could at the very least hold his own against the Destroyer were already wounded!

If he was lucky enough to survive the Destroyer, what he will see later got to be worse than this, as he expected, the Destroyer will advance to the city and destroyed everything in it!

The shattering beam that the Destroyer shot out from the gap of its face was insanely powerful!

Not even a tank could withstand that attack, as the tank would simply crumble after the rays hit it!

But Coulson immediately held his breath and waited for the right time to attack, he waited for the moment where Destroyer just shot its powerful beam and immediately shot the Destroyer with a bazooka strike through the gap in its face.

Coulson guessed that Destroyer’s weak point must be the gap in its head, as there was no other place that received any damage from their attack so far.

Fortunately for Coulson, his guess was right!

The Destroyer’s head immediately blew out, decapitated!

“Is it over?” Coulson said with disbelief.

Sif and Volstagg on the side immediately walked toward the Destroyer to confirm the end of the Destroyer’s terror, but Coulson’s happy dance had to wait!

Sif immediately shouted for everyone to retreat because the Destroyer was still alive!

The Destroyer immediately stood up and put its head back on its place, while shooting the beam towards Coulson!

The Warrior Three felt helpless, this was much worse than fighting the giants of Jotunheim with Thor earlier!

But a cocky voice was immediately heard in the sky.

“Hey Coulson, am I late to the party? You look like hammered already!” Tony said playfully.

“No, thank goodness you are finally here! Now, I will leave this lump of iron to you then!” Coulson said with a sigh of relief.

Coulson knew that Tony had become more responsible for his surroundings after the near death experience fighting against his adversaries earlier.

So, Coulson believed that Tony would be able to do something against this indestructible Destroyer!

Well, the fact that Tony showed so much interest in the silver armor from the video call that Coulson made earlier was also taken into consideration!

But the Destroyer didn’t wait for them to finish talking, as it suddenly shot out another beam towards Coulson.

Tony immediately grabbed Coulson and flew to safety.

“When this is all over, I want the research right to that thing!” Tony said towards Coulson.

“Although I can’t make the call for that decision, I think Director Fury wouldn’t refuse your request! But I think it still too early for you to ask for that!” Coulson said casually.

“Well, I had some new toys that I want to test out too! If this thing really was as durable as it might seem, it will provide me with a good amount of data!” Tony said excitedly.

Tony immediately flew back toward The Destroyer to attack the Destroyer with science based technological weapon, Coulson wondered if Tony’s weapon could really make any difference!

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