Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 202


Tony has always ended up in some sort of miserable situation, he was electrocuted by storm in the Mutant Campus Massacre incident, spiked by the Abomination, even lost his identity to Ivan Vanko!

But this time, Tony was ready!

He has already upgraded the Iron Man suit and added a bunch of cutting edge technology in it!

Unfortunately for Tony, it was still not enough!

This time, he learned of something that he never saw before!


Although he wasn’t sure, magic would be able to knock him down!

“Come on, let’s see what you are made of!” Tony said confidently.

Tony immediately flew to the sky and bombarded the Destroyer with his palm cannon!

However, the Destroyer didn’t even move from his position as if Tony’s attack didn’t have any effect on it whatsoever!

Feeling quite humiliated, Tony immediately pulled out a small missile and launched it directly to the Destroyer’s head.

But after the smoke dissipated from around the Destroyer, Tony’s face quickly turned sour!

The missile didn’t even leave any scratch on the Destroyer’s armor!

“Jarvis, scan the material of the enemy’s armor! I want to know what that thing is made of!” Tony said to Jarvis on his visual analysis.

“Unknown material, sir. Continuing analysis!” Jarvis said solemnly on the comm.

At the same time in Asgard, Loki, who was watching the fight up until that was beginning to get bored!

“Midgard was so disappointing! Their weapon was too weak!” Loki said to himself in disappointment.

“Destroyer! Destroy that place and beat my dear brother down immediately!” Loki said telepathically to the Destroyer.

On Earth, Tony, who was perplexed by the Destroyer’s endurance, was startled as he saw the Destroyer opened its mask, and an orangish beam was gradually concentrated on the opening!

Jarvis immediately warned Tony that a high energy projectile was aimed towards him.

Knowing that he couldn’t really escape the Destroyer’s line of sight, Tony immediately charged the Chest Cannon to counter the enemy’s energy projectile.

Unfortunately, as Tony’s Energy Cannon collided with the Destroyer’s energy beam, Tony knew that his cannon couldn’t withstand the enemy’s attack!

Tony immediately allocated extra energy to the thruster on his feet to dodge the powerful beam!

Tony knew that he used too much energy on the thruster just now, which meant that he couldn’t use the laser weapon for a while!

This made Tony question the capability of his Iron Man Suit, was it too weak to be considered his greatest creation?

If only Tony knew that the armor in front of him was the original sentient armor that was made by Odin, the Father of the Gods with the most durable metal named Uru Metal while also casting some of Odin’s magic and Rune to the Destroyer so that it became more durable than anything else!

Knowing that he had no projectile powerful enough to deal any sort of damage to Destroyer, Tony immediately turned into close combat.

Tony immediately deployed several A.I controlled armor to attack the Destroyer.

However, nothing changed!

The Destroyer easily destroyed the Armour that Tony dispatched like it was a piece of plastic!

A thought that he wouldn’t be able to win immediately crossed Tony’s mind. He didn’t have anything else in his arsenal that might have any effect on The Destroyer!

On the other side, Coulson knew that Tony wouldn’t be able to do much, but at least Tony was able to hold the Destroyer long enough for the real reinforcement to arrive!

Coulson immediately called Barton again to ask about their whereabouts as he also knew that Tony was at his wits’ end!

Earlier when Barton informed that Dio would also come to the scene, Coulson was overjoyed!

He believed that Dio was the strongest man on Earth, and therefore he should be able to defeat this indestructible thing!

But Coulson has also prepared a countermeasure on his mind if, by any chance, Dio and Thor failed to stop the Destroyer, he will immediately suggest the use of a nuke to deal with the Destroyer!

He believed that some sacrifice was better than letting this indestructible armor roamed free on Earth!

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