Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 203


Dio, Thor, and Barton quickly closed into a small city from the helicopter, where all of them saw the Iron Man was fighting against a silver armor!

“How can the Destroyer appear here?” Thor said, perplexed.

“Destroyer? Did you mean that robot that started to glow?” Barton asked worriedly.

Thor was immediately snapped from his thought and immediately shouted for the pilot to evade the incoming attack!

Dio immediately acted and took control of the helicopter’s steering wheel to evade the Destroyer’s attack himself!

Dio knew that the pilot wouldn’t be able to react on time to evade the attack!

However, the helicopter flew out of control and immediately fell to the ground, but fortunately, everyone inside was safe without any injury!

Barton immediately shouted so everyone quickly got out of the helicopter as he thought that the helicopter might explode!

Dio and Thor immediately did so while helping the crew to get out too, sure enough, not long after they rescued everyone from the helicopter, it exploded!

But the Destroyer was soon seen on sight!

It walked leisurely towards Thor and the others.

Thor was silent for a while as he knew that the only one who could control the Destroyer was the King of Asgard!

His father!

But there was no way Odin would do something this chaotic, so there must be someone else on the throne!

“Loki! Is that you brother?” Thor shouted to the Destroyer.

Thor didn’t show any fear on his eyes but instead a trace of expectancies.

“My pathetic brother, you are still as naïve as ever!” Loki’s voice was immediately heard trough the Destroyer.

Seeing the Destroyer stopped, Thor immediately approached the Destroyer himself.

“Thor! Don’t! leave it alone!” Sif’s voice was immediately heard from afar!

Thor was confused and turned his attention toward Sif who was in the car with the Warriors Three!

But when he looked back to the Destroyer, he was startled to see the Destroyer with his mask opened and ready to shoot the Disintegration beam towards him!

“What the, why would you do this, Loki?!” Thor shouted as the beam was fired!

Barton, who was observing the situation from afar immediately shot an exploding arrow towards the opening on the mask to save Thor, while Dio has already made his way to grab Thor away from the Destroyer!

Dio immediately dragged the unmotivated Thor toward Sif and the Warriors Three, while Tony immediately joined Dio in an attempt to fight the Destroyer together!

Dio also noticed that Jane Foster also arrived at the scene with Dr. Selvig not too far away.

“Did you have a plan to beat this thing?” Tony asked Dio curiously.

“No, if this thing could be defeated that easily, it wouldn’t be named the Destroyer, would it?” Dio said sarcastically.

“Do you have any information about this thing then?” Tony asked annoyedly.

“That guy said that the Destroyer was made by a foreign metal and strong magical component that couldn’t be destroyed by the current modern technologies!” Dio said irritatedly.

“Are you serious? Magic, really?” Tony said in disbelief.

“Are you saying that I am joking in this kind of situation?” Dio said, annoyed of Tony’s disbelief.

“Is god real then?” Tony said sarcastically.

“Depends on what god you are talking about. On that note, that guy was a god of thunder in Norse Mythology!” Dio said as he pointed toward Thor.

Tony’s face immediately showed some sort of eureka moment, as his perspective suddenly widened!

“If that guy was the thunder god, then why couldn’t he deal with this thing easily?” Tony asked Dio curiously.

“They have the same concept as human, they also have their own power level! Now, stop your nonsense and help me think of a way to beat this thing!” Dio said annoyedly.

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