Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 204


There was no good way to deal with the Destroyer’s magic in Dio’s arsenal.

Maybe [The World] could do some damage, but his other Stand will be useless on the Destroyer!

While Dio had doubts that [Gold Experience] could do anything to the Destroyer as it wasn’t an actual life form!

In Asgard, Loki was bored seeing the weak humans in front of the Destroyer and immediately issued an order to the Destroyer to kill all remaining humans on the site!

Dio, who saw that the Destroyer was going to make its move, immediately summoned [The World] to withstand anything that the Destroyer threw at him!

But before Dio could counter the attack, the Destroyer leaped up and punched the Iron Man from the sky as the Iron Man was the closest to the Destroyer.

After that, the Destroyer rushed toward Dio and punched him!

But Dio has already anticipated this attack and let the [The World] to handle it!

[The World] has been longing for a stronger opponent since a long time ago, and now Dio wanted to give him just what he wanted!

[The World] immediately hold the Destroyer’s punch with its own punch, halting the Destroyer on the spot!

Everyone’s focus immediately shifted to Dio as they were shocked to see Dio successfully halted the indestructible Destroyer’s attack!

Even Loki who was controlling the movement of the Destroyer in Asgard was stunned for a while, but he didn’t seem to care in the end.

[The World] immediately punched the Destroyer on the face, knocking the Destroyer down to the ground.

The Destroyer immediately rose again and opened its mask to shoot Dio with its disintegration beam!

Barton on the side was ready to shoot his arrow to stop the Destroyer’s attack, but Dio was faster than him, Dio immediately rushed towards the Destroyer and focused the Hamon Energy into his hands to release the [Sendo Ripple Overdrive] Technique and hit the Destroyer right on its chin!

The Destroyer was blown away into the sky, with its Disintegration Beam being blocked by its own mask.

Dio immediately ordered [The World] to drag the Destroyer back down to the ground, [The World] immediately obeyed and grabbed the Destroyer’s leg in mid-air and slammed it to the ground!

Everyone on the side immediately breathed a sigh of relief as they saw that Dio could handle the Destroyer by himself, while Thor and the Asgardians were shocked to see the infamous Destroyer was toyed around by a mere human!

“Are you sure you and Loki are the only child of Odin?” Fandral asked in awe.

“I am not sure now!” Thor said looking astonished.

“But he seems to know everything about me earlier, he even knows about Loki!” Thor added, trying to connect the dots.

The rest of the Asgardians were trying to figure out who Dio was too, while they couldn’t see any divinity on Dio, they knew that Dio wasn’t any ordinary human!

On the other hand, Dio was annoyed as he saw Thor just stood in the middle of the desert, doing nothing in particular!

He knew that in the real MCU, Thor had his ass handed to him by the Destroyer and in the near death experience, Thor awoke his divinity back, but Dio also knew that Thor on the real MCU only did so to make sure that no one else will fell victim to the Destroyer, a true Self Sacrifice!

But now, no matter how hard Dio simulated the near death experience on God of Thunder, he just wouldn’t receive his divinity back!

So, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to count on Thor to end the fight, Dio immediately used his scarlet overdrive!

With the Destroyer almost immune to any physical attack, Dio wanted to try out his luck on the elemental attack!

[The World] who sensed what Dio wanted to do immediately cooperated without any questions asked, and immediately held the Destroyer in place.

The Destroyer was trying to break free from his invisible attacker, but to no avail, after all, the Destroyer was only an armor, its true potential could only be achieved if there is a user inside it!

But Dio also knew that this armor was basically indestructible by any common means, so he knew that no matter what [The World] do to the Destroyer, it wouldn’t receive any damage!

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