Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 210


With the recent incident, Dio was once again reminded of his lack of power, before his encounter with the Destroyer and Thor, he felt great!

He felt powerful, but after meeting them, Dio realized that he was weak, compared with other beings outside of earth or those who wield unearthly powers!

So, Dio immediately used [Khnum] to disguise himself for an entire week and purchased 20 million dollars worth of gold in several places!

Dio was a little bit pissed by Tony as he couldn’t meet the guy to ask for his money, if he could get his money from Tony, he would be able to buy a lot more gold!

But it could wait for now, as Dio has become impatient and wanted to increase his strength as soon as possible!

He will get the money from Tony and Coulson later!

After exchanging his money to gold, Dio immediately went into the villa and conducted all his mental preparation like he always did before drawing from the golden pool. He listened to a pop song while watching a cat video and some sports video. He believed that he would eventually get some good stuff as he had 4.000 Gold, meaning that he could use the 10x Draw 400 times!

After doing all his routine, Dio immediately began to draw.

The first ten draws, Dio only got a handful of Hamon Beads, but he already expected this much from his miserable luck!

But unfortunately for Dio, this bad luck persisted until he was at his 50th draws!

He immediately took a deep breath while taking some cigarettes to calm himself down. He immediately played another cat video that he thought will improve his luck a little bit and continued to draw after watching the video.

“Please give me something good! If it’s not a permanent stand, at least give me some temporary stand card!” Dio begged to himself.

Sure enough, the lady luck answered his prayer as the next draw, a shiny card suddenly appeared, meaning that he got a permanent Stand!

Stand: Hermit Purple

Description: The Stand of the Old Man Joseph Joestar!

Type: Close Ranged Stand

Ability: Divination, can see a scene from a distance using a camera or any other electronic media.

Destructive Power: D

Speed: E

Range: D

Sustainability: A

Precision: D

Growth: C

Stand Evaluation: This stand is the weakest among all stand.

“Motherfucker!” Dio shouted as he flipped the table in front of him.

He was truly irritated only to obtain this stand after spending so much money on it!

Even the divination power of the stand wasn’t that useful!

This stand had no strength whatsoever, he even doubted that he could bind someone like Tony Stark in his iron man suit long enough with this stand!

He was pissed beyond belief, but he knew that was all because of his own luck!

“Calm down, Dio, Calm Down! Maybe you can find a use for this stand in the future!” Dio said to himself.

Dio took a deep breath and composed himself to continue drawing for another stand, he realized that perhaps he could make use of the [Hermit Purple]’s divination ability to good use, but he needed a bunch of cameras first!

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