Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 211


With music in full blast, Dio finished drawing the first 100 of his 10x draw, except for the stand [Hermit Purple], he didn’t get anything noteworthy!

Dio has already become desperate for his lack of luck, and thus he searched for some other superstitious stuff that he could use to improve his luck once more!

He immediately found something and acted according to the rituals on the web, he turned off all the music that was currently playing and placed Will’s picture on the table with three incense burned while saying, “I would like to use my brother’s luck for myself for a day, Amen Buddha!”

He said while praying to Will’s picture, after saying that, Dio immediately burned Will’s photo and threw it to a copper basin that he has already prepared beforehand.

After the photo was burned to a cinder, Dio immediately tried to draw again!

Sure enough, this time, the lady luck sided with him in the draw as once again, it shone brightly, signaling Dio that he got his hands on another Stand.

“My Brother Will! Thank you very much, I will remember your sacrifice for the rest of my life!” Dio shouted happily.

Stand: Anubis

Description: A unique stand that doesn’t require a user

Type: Equipment/assimilation

Ability: Selective Intangibility, Mind Control, Development, Selective Drawing

Destructive Power: B

Speed: B

Range: E

Persistence: A

Precision: E

Developmental Potential: C

Evaluation: This stand could assimilate with any weapon of choice once. The stand will be destroyed once the weapon that it inhibits is destroyed! The user of the weapon will be the strongest swordsman in the entire world!

Dio was overjoyed once he saw the description of [Anubis], that was one hell of a good Stand that he got!

But that raised a new question, he wondered what kind of weapon that he would use the Anubis on. He needed to find a good weapon for [Anubis] as he didn’t want the weapon to be destroyed in combat later!

He also knew that [Anubis] was slightly naughty as he hypnotized too many people in the JoJo series!

But Dio knew that he wouldn’t be using that ability of Anubis as he won’t hand his weapons to anyone!

Dio suddenly thought of a weapon that was made from the Vibranium, Adamantium, Yaka metal, or even the Uru Metal!

If he somehow could get his hands on these materials, he will be thrilled for sure!

He knew how to get them, but he wasn’t sure that he would be able to get them himself!

But there was still a question whether there will be someone capable of forging the weapons that he wanted out of the rare metal that he got!

Dio was lost on his own thought, and he finally snapped back to his senses after realizing that he still got many more draws chances!

He wondered just how many more Stands that he will be able to get at the end of the day!

So, without waiting for much longer, Dio confidently tapped on the 10x draw button!

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    Saving the crown prince of Asgard could be enough to ask for a Uru weapon reward from Asgard

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