Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 212


After the method of sacrificing Will’s fortune wasn’t working, Dio was depressed once more. He couldn’t get anything good from the draw, and after a while, he finished all his draws chance without finding any more permanent Stand.

But the complete result was more than acceptable, in addition to the two-permanent Stands, Dio also got his hands on 2 Stand Arrow Fragments and 3 Temporary Stand, which included, [Bad Company], [Green Day], and [Silver Chariot]!

Stand: Green Day

Description: A terrible stand born from pure evil.

Type: Humanoid

Ability: Mold Infestation

Destructive Power: A

Speed: C

Range: A (Mold spread range can be expanded infinitely)

Persistence: A

Precision: E

Growth: A

Evaluation: Extremely dangerous biohazard!

Stand: Silver Chariot

Description: A medieval knight with zero personality.

Type: Close Range Stand

Ability: Armor On/Off

Destructive Power: C

Speed: A

Range: C

Persistence: B

Precision: B

Growth: C

Evaluation: Extremely dangerous if evolved with the Stand Arrow!

Dio sighed after he saw every reward that he got from the draw, he couldn’t use any of it yet as he didn’t need it for the moment. He was regretting every single moment when he made the Drop Rate of SSR Stand Card to 0.016% back when he was still the developer of the game! He was able to draw [The World] obviously because his name triggered the access of the said stand!

After that, Dio immediately consumed all the Hamon Beads that he got from the draw, and his Max Hamon Energy increased to 633.333, reaching the amount required to unlock the 4th Stand Slot!

Now, in order to unlock the last Stand Slot, he must have a total of 1.000.000 Max Hamon Energy!

Dio quickly thought that the draw this time wasn’t completely bad, he currently had the 4th Stand Slot, which would make switching between Stands a little bit easier. But he knew that he had used an absurd amount of money for it!

After thinking for a while, Dio knew that he still got some time before the upcoming battle of New York. So, he could still make some more money to do another draw!

In the following days, Dio opened his restaurant while observing Will’s situation from time to time, he wanted to see whether his sacrifice of Will’s fortune last night really had any effect or not. But fortunately, it seemed that the sacrifice he made last night was all internet scam, as Will didn’t seem to be affected by bad luck!

After the weekdays were over, Dio came to a hospital to learn Human Anatomy and Human Surgery, for he almost killed Tony on the operating table during their standoff against the Abomination the other day.

Because he couldn’t find Tony, Coulson, or even Natasha at that moment, he had to ask Pepper to find him a qualified individual to teach him all he needed to know about operating a human body.

He has already given up on learning from a book as it was boring and lack of practice!

Pepper immediately came up with a name of a skilled surgeon with a superb medical skill, she even made an arrangement for the hospital that the surgeon worked for to make sure that Dio wouldn’t be hindered for his stay there.

Dio was very grateful for Pepper’s help as she did it all effortlessly!

So, without wasting any more time, Dio knocked on the Doctor Lounge in the hospital to introduce himself.

“Yes? Who are you?” A Beautiful Long-Haired Doctor asked curiously as she opened the lounge door.

“Hi, I am Dio Brando! Miss Pepper, the CEO of Stark Industries had already made an appointment for me to do an internship under Dr. Stephen Strange!” Dio said while smiling lightly.

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