Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 213


Dio read the name tag on the woman’s coat and was surprised to see the name Stephen Strange embraided there!

“I am sorry, I just thought that Dr. Strange was a man’s name, before coming here!” Dio said while smiling guiltily.

“Oh, no! Dr. Stephen Strange is indeed a man! I just borrowed this coat, because something happened to mine earlier. My name is Dr. Christine Palmer, Dr. Strange’s colleague.” Dr. Palmer said while smiling awkwardly.

“Oh well, it sometimes happens, sorry for mistaking you for someone else too!” Dio said apologetically.

“No, no! It’s definitely my mistake! Please do come in, I am sure that Dr. Strange will be here soon!” Dr. Palmer said as she invited Dio into the lounge.

But as soon as she turned around, she tripped her foot and screamed a little and shut her eyes as she fell.

But after a moment, she finally realized that she wasn’t falling and opened her eyes again.

The scene unfolded in front of her eyes was quite unusual!

Dio was holding her body from falling with almost a conspicuous position!

She blushed hard as she could see Dio’s face from up close, and the handsome face made it harder for her!

She began to panic from her pounding heart and immediately stood up straight and sat on the nearest sofa directly.

“Are you okay?” Dio asked curiously.

“I haven’t been to the gym lately, so maybe I am starting to get unfit. By the way, did you want a drink? Coffee, perhaps?” Dr. Palmer said while still blushing.

“You should take care of yourself, isn’t it a doctor’s job to take care of other’s health problems? If you get sick, then your patient will have no one else to rely on! But no, I am not a coffee drinker, but thank you for asking.” Dio said while smiling warmly.

Dr. Palmer nodded her head and immediately tried to break the ice.

“May I call you with Mr. Dio?” Dr. Palmer asked.

“You may call me Dio, I don’t really need formality.” Dio said while smiling lightly.

“Well, if you say so, you may also call me Christine! Can I know which university you graduated from? We’re maybe from the same alma mater!” Christine said, trying to find a common topic.

“No, I actually don’t study any medicine at the university before. I used to study engineering actually.” Dio said casually.

Christine was a little bit surprised as Dio’s answer left her in wonder. She thought that because Dio would be learning from Dr. Strange, Dio must have been a Medical Graduate!

But, obviously she was wrong!

But she knew that Dr. Strange wouldn’t take this answer really well, she knew that Dr. Strange would have a temper after hearing all of this!

“Sorry, I didn’t quite understand! Have you studied medical yourself?” Christine asked curiously.

“No, I am afraid not! This would be my first time learning about Medical Studies! I have my reason to study medical as fast as I can, so I asked a friend to help me find a suitable teacher!” Dio explained.

Christine was surprised once again as she didn’t expect something like this would actually happen!

She thought that this must be the rich’s whimsical way of killing time as she didn’t quite understand why Dio would want to directly learn from a doctor instead of a school!

“Dr. Strange has a quirky personality that is not easy to get close too, but he is a good person, I assure you! I hope you don’t find his rude behavior to be villainous!” Christine said hopefully.

“Of course, I know that a capable person would have a weird personality or hobbies, but I will cherish this learning opportunity!” Dio said confidently.

After hearing Dio’s word, Christine relaxed a little as she didn’t need to worry that Dio would hold a grudge against Dr. Strange!

But she still hoped that Dr. Strange could behave himself for Dio’s sake!

After chatting for a while, Dr. Strange finally arrived.

Dio immediately introduced himself, but immediately interrupted before he finished!

“I know who you are, you are that spoiled child that the hospital has burdened upon me! I advise you to go to a famous school to study medical first before coming to me, this will save our time tremendously!” Dr. Strange said indifferently.

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