Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 214


Dio tried his best not to show his anger on his face.

“If you’re gonna reject the offer, why would you wait until I am here to say it! You are wasting my time!” Dio said a little bit coldly.

“I am a busy man myself! I don’t care who you are, but I am here not to play a game! You are clearly searching for the wrong person here!” Dr. Strange said indifferently.

This was one of his trademark attitudes, the famous doctor simply didn’t care about anyone that he deemed unnecessary for his career!

Dio still tried to hold his anger while smiling lightly.

“It seems that you are indeed the wrong person for this! I will not learn anything with your arrogance in the way!” Dio said coldly.

Dr. Strange was exactly like Tony before he experienced the life-changing event, they were inside the bubble that made them think that nothing could slow them down!

It was really a pity, seeing that their life changed in a matter of seconds!

“Obviously, you didn’t lie about this guy’s attitude. This time, I will back down and search for another teacher for myself! It’d be a big help if you could introduce me to one of your teachers.” Dio said toward Christine sincerely.

Dr. Strange immediately walked out toward the changing room, leaving Christine and Dio alone.

Cristine was silent for a moment and looked over to Dr. Strange with disapproval look on her eyes.

“Look, if all you need is a tutor to learn the anatomy of a human’s body, I can help you with that myself!” Christine said confidently.

She decided to help Dio to disregard Stephen’s rude behavior, but only if Dio was serious enough to study the human body anatomy!

“Thank you very much, but I only have time to learn after 9 p.m on Sunday, is that okay with you?” Dio asked Christine sincerely.

Christine thought about it a little and then suggested, “I will try to take time off on Sunday, and if I have another free time, I will notify you immediately!” She said confidently.

“I can introduce you to my former mentor if you’d like, but I am not sure she could free up her schedule to teach you.” Christine added while contemplating.

“That’s okay, if you can become my teacher, I’m already grateful for that! Rest assured, I will pay you for your time. How do a thousand dollars per hour sound? If you are not satisfied with the amount I offered, you can suggest your own numbers that would satisfy you! Don’t worry, I wouldn’t mind!” Dio said excitedly.

“That’s enough, you could’ve asked for one on one tutoring lesson from famous universities with that number!” Christine said sincerely.

She first thought that Dio wouldn’t pay that much, but as Dio already offered, she might as well take it!

“So, with the paycheck out of the way, when could we start our lesson?” Dio asked excitedly.

“If you want to start as soon as possible, I can get off from work as early as today. I will take lunch and begin our session after, how does that sound?” Christine said confidently.

“Well, I will come again at Don’t worry, I will treat you to lunch!” Dio said while smiling lightly.

After a little chit chat, Dio and Christine exchanged their phone number, and Dio immediately left after.

As soon as Dio left, Dr. Strange came out of the changing room and frowned at Christine.

“You shouldn’t take that offer, an excellent surgeon should focus their attention on the operating table, not playing doctor with a fool!” Dr. Strange said coldly.

“Honestly, Stephen, you’re probably right! But I can see that he is serious about studying, and as far as I know, you should respect people who want to learn, not ridicule them! I honestly thought you might know of this, considering you are a great scholar and all! You are a disappointment!” Christine said coldly.

She at first thought that maybe Dr. Strange was the perfect partner material, but after this little exchange with Dio, she immediately realized that she was wrong!

“Well, I hope that you are right! Since you already have someone who would treat you to lunch, I will head out first!” Dr. Strange said indifferently while walking out of the lounge.

Soon enough, a Lamborghini’s engine blared in the distance, signing Stephen Strange’s departure.

Dio was still in the parking lot when he saw Dr. Strange, the future Supreme Sorcerer, got inside his car and drove away.

Dio knew that soon enough, the arrogant doctor will get into a car accident that changed his life forever!

Dio also knew that the ancient one was waiting for Stephen Strange to arrive at her door in Kamar-Taj!

But a question immediately arose from Dio’s mind, what would happen to the MCU plot, if he healed Dr. Strange’s hands?

Will the next Sorcerer Supreme changed?

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