Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 215


At noon, Dio and Christine went to a nearby restaurant for lunch, and because Dio still had his lesson after this, they skipped alcohol.

After lunch, Christine’s impression on Dio was clearly better than before.

“I have to go home first before we start our lesson, I still have so many books that I used back when I am still a student, you can borrow some of them to help you understand better! We should go to NYU after that and borrow some mannequin there and maybe use one of the empty class over there for your lesson!” Christine said confidently.

“Then, maybe I should start calling you teacher for now on!” Dio said with a light smile.

“If that’s the case, I hope that you will not disappoint me as you are my first student!” Christine said while giggling light heartedly.

Dio nodded as he didn’t want to brag about his learning capabilities, but he will prove it to Christine that she wasn’t wasting her time!

Soon enough, the two quickly fetch the book that Christine mentioned earlier and drove straight to NYU after.

Once they got everything they need, Christine suddenly looked all serious.

“Now, although Dr. Strange thought that I am wasting my time on you, I will trust my instinct and teach you all I know about human anatomy very seriously, but if I found that you are not 100% on this, I would terminate our agreement early!” Christine said solemnly.

“That’s great, I am serious from the beginning!” Dio said sincerely.

Christine nodded her head and immediately started the lesson, although Dio had zero knowledge regarding human anatomy, with a goal of understanding where everything was located and how to deal with injuries on various places, he would have no problems on learning the complex knowledge!

On the other hand, Christine also understood what Dio needed. Therefore she immediately taught Dio the basics of what he needed so that Dio wouldn’t waste his time on unnecessary knowledge!

Using the mannequin that she borrowed from the university, she taught Dio where every organ should be and what type of injuries that the organs usually suffered.

With none of them taking the lesson with a lax attitude, Dio and Christine progressed through the lesson with an astounding speed!

Dio, with his strong memory, immediately remembered everything Christine has taught him. As a result, their learning session was really efficient!

Christine herself was surprised to see Dio learned everything this fast, she was happy that the lesson could progress smoothly, but she also felt depressed as she clearly remembered her struggle as a medical student!

Even though she was praised as an excellent student, she was clearly not as excellent as Dio!

But she knew that having a great student will push her further on her medical studies too!

The afternoon passed quickly, and at the end of the day, Christine asked Dio to explain everything that he has learned that day, and Christine was happy to see Dio made no mistakes on identifying the organs and where they should be.

Christine finally understood what the meaning of a genius really was, as Dio continued to explain the various structure of human anatomy without making any mistake! But still, what Christine taught Dio was only a theory, to make Dio truly understand the perfect human Anatomy, Dio still must practice with a real human body, in this context a human cadaver!

“You’re really good at absorbing new things! If Dr. Strange saw what happened in the previous three hours, he would’ve taken back what he said to you, I am sure of that! If you want to become a real doctor, I would like to introduce you to my previous mentor!” Christine said sincerely.

“Thank you, but I still haven’t changed my mind on becoming a doctor!” Dio said with a light smile.

“That’s a pity!” Christine said with a slight frown on her face, she really thought that Dio would become the next World Renowned Surgeon in no time! But she didn’t press it further, for she believed that everyone had the freedom to choose whatever they wanted!

“Should we continue our lesson?” Dio asked sincerely.

“Uh, wait, let me make a few calls first!” Christine said as she was out of material to teach Dio for today, she didn’t expect Dio to absorb things this fast, and because of that, she only borrowed a little amount of mannequin earlier.

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