Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 216


“That’s it for today, I will organize some surgical lesson for you in a couple of days!” Cristine said as the clock showed it was already in the night.

“Well, if it’s a surgical lesson, can you prepare a real cadaver for me instead of using some animals?” Dio asked solemnly while putting down a scalpel and taking off his bloody gloves.

Cristine was surprised for a bit, as she knew how precious a cadaver was to the medical school, she could borrow some class and bought some small animal for Dio to learn, but cadaver was a different thing entirely!

The cadaver used in medical teaching was a dead human body that was donated willingly either by the family of the deceased or the owner of the body themselves while they were still alive!

So, a cadaver for practice wasn’t easy to obtain!

She knew that a well-known university like NYU should have some cadaver in store for the next lesson, but she was afraid that she will be asking too much, and thus ruined her reputation on her own alma mater!

“I couldn’t promise you that! A cadaver is hard to get, I have to ask the dean first if they have one that they’re not  using in the meantime, but I am afraid it would be hard even if there is one!” Cristine said solemnly.

“Why would that be? I can pay for the cost if that’s the problem here.” Dio said curiously, in Dio’s eyes, so many people died every day in the USA, so there should be plenty of cadaver lying around!

“Money wasn’t the case! You see, the cadaver that medical school can use was only the one that gets donated to the school itself, so there is not much cadaver that the school can have at any given moment! I am afraid if you want to dissect a cadaver, you have to be put together with the rest of the class that has the same agenda, but the university may still deny your entry!” Cristine said solemnly.

“Can I provide my own cadaver then?” Dio asked sincerely.

“No, the cadaver has to be donated and has gone through the legal protocol. Otherwise, the university will get into trouble!” Cristine said as to deny Dio’s request.

“This is too much trouble!” Dio said annoyedly, he thought that he could go to Hell’s Kitchen and use some mob’s dead body for the practical lesson!

“So, where did the university usually get their cadaver?” Dio asked curiously.

“Campus has several sources for that. Usually, the campus got their hands on the cadaver due to personal request to donate their own cadaver to the university once they passed away, sometimes, the university bought a John Doe or Jane Doe from the hospital, there are also some terminally ill patients who wished to sell their organs to make it easier for their family too, while the last one is not considered as a donation, it’s still legal.” Cristine said solemnly.

“But usually, the university got the cadaver of a criminal who was sentenced to the death penalty, this was the main source of the cadaver in medical school.” Cristine added, she needs to tell all sources the campus got their hands on a cadaver to Dio so that Dio wouldn’t resort to something illegal later.

Dio nodded his head in understanding, although it was a little bit cruel that a death row prisoner had their body donated to a medical school, but it was better than nothing!

At least they could atone for their sin a little bit after they die!

“I see, I will look on to these sources and see what I can do to support the university later. I will communicate with the university later so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding!” Dio said casually.

“Do you really have a way to provide the cadaver legally?” Cristine asked curiously.

“I think so, but I will not be able to help much!” Dio said casually.

“Great, I will help you talk to the university later, I think my former mentor would be thrilled to hear the news!” Cristine said excitedly.

“Don’t be too excited about this, I will see what I can do and contact you later! I still don’t know how many cadavers I can get.” Dio said casually.

“Of course! But the number really doesn’t matter, as long as you could provide some, I am sure the university would be glad nonetheless!” Cristine said assuringly.

With this, she knew that she could help her former mentor and her alma mater on the cadaver crisis!

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