Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 217


After leaving the university, Dio took Cristine for dinner as he realized that they hadn’t had anything to eat since noon.

“Sorry if it’s so late, let me treat you dinner!” Dio said casually.

“Well, it’s fine, I am glad that you can learn quickly, and thus I become engrossed in teaching too!” Cristine said while feeling a little bit embarrassed.

She couldn’t refuse Dio as she thought that it would be rude. After all, Dio has already given her 8.000 dollars just for today!

She thought that a thousand dollar per hour was too much, but Dio insisted on paying the exact amount that he promised.

Cristine and Dio had a lively conversation on the way to the restaurant, while Dio mostly teased her on her choice of restaurant and so on.

They soon stopped at an Italian restaurant and had a great meal there, while it was not a pricy place, but they got some good food!

After done eating, the two laughed as they have devoured their food without any leftover.

“Why don’t we look for a place to drink a glass of wine or two!” Cristine said encouragingly.

“Well, go on, where would you like to drink? Pick a place! I don’t usually go out and drink myself, so I don’t really know any good bar.” Dio said casually.

Cristine was a little bit surprised when she heard Dio’s answer, she first thought that Dio was a guy who frequently visited many bars and maybe many one-night stands, turns out she was wrong!

She became more curious as Dio was different than any other handsome guy that she ever met.

She immediately directed Dio to the local bar that she always visited when she had free time.

As a surgeon, she really restrained herself from drinking as she didn’t want to have an accident while in the middle of surgery or something like that, and thus she only went to the bar when she had a few days to herself!

However, once she got to the bar, Dio was surprised to see the bartender, and some people there greeted her familiarly.

She greeted them back politely while smiling and a little chit chat here and there.

“I see that you are a regular here!” Dio said, teasing Cristine a little bit.

“I used to come here, but as I become busier than before, I don’t really have time to come here anymore.” Cristine said sadly, but she immediately grabbed Dio’s arm and pulled him to the dance floor.

“Come on, this is my jam!” She said excitedly as the DJ played pop music.

Dio felt a little change in Cristine’s behavior as she seemed more carefree in this bar. He was right, as soon as Cristine hit the dance floor, she began to dance beautifully, drawing people’s attention, and Dio was no exception!

The DJ gave a shoutout to Cristine like he was familiar with her, and thus the chanting of her name began.

Cristine didn’t let them down as she began to move more elegantly to please the eyes that watched her every move!

As soon as she finished dancing, the crowds began to chant for an encore, as they wanted to see Cristine danced one more time!

At the same time, Dio was just standing there like a tree. He wasn’t familiar with the song, and he wasn’t familiar with dancing either, so to not embarrass himself, Dio decided to just stand there waiting for Cristine to finish.

But the DJ immediately changed the song, and Dio was a little bit surprised by the song that the DJ chose, it was Pussy Control!

Prince’s booming single and JoJo’s intro!

Dio couldn’t help himself and began to dance to the song as he always imitated the move in the anime’s opening while watching JoJo before, he began to slide in, threw a hand up and much more bizarre move that JoJo’s opening often showed and weirdly, the crowds began to watch Dio in awe, and some even began to mimic Dio’s move!

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