Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 218


“This dance is weird! But it’s cool!” Some guy said as he tried to mimic Dio’s movement.

Dio was a handsome guy, so it was not hard to attract the crowd to mimic his dance like this. Even Cristine also chanted Dio’s name while trying to mimic his move too. It could be said that everyone was having a good time on the dance floor, but the music had to end at one point, and Dio was finally done dancing.

“You are so cool! Your dance is awesome!” Some girl on the side shouted at Dio as he walked over to the side.

“Yeah, what dance is it? does it have any name?” Some guy asked Dio.

The crowds kept asking Dio so many questions, and some of them even though that Dio was a model!

Dio even got so many phone numbers from a thirsty girl who wanted some one-night stand.

So, as it was overwhelming, Dio grabbed Cristine’s hands and immediately bolted out of place!

But unfortunately for them, they have just arrived and didn’t have the chance to drink anything yet!

“Wow, I’ve never thought I would be fleeing from the dance floor before. But are you sure you want to leave? It might become an unforgettable night for you if you stay.” Cristine said teasing Dio.

“No, I might die by those girl’s hands! Did you see how they look at me just now? like I am a piece of meat!” Dio said annoyedly.

“Well, remind me not to bring you to this place again, or else you could become the next steak on the menu!” Cristine said while still teasing Dio.

“But seriously, what is that dance?” Cristine asked curiously.

“Yeah, let’s not come here again for a while! The dance was called the torture dance, I can teach you how to do it if you want!” Dio said casually.

“Sure, let me take your dance lesson later!” Cristine said casually.

But suddenly the two of them were interrupted by a man that was tossed by the bouncer out of the bar, Dio suddenly felt familiar with the guy that was beaten by the bouncer.

“Wait a minute, I think I know that guy!” Dio said to Cristine as he continued to observe the guy that was being beaten by the bouncer.

Cristine was confused as Dio didn’t do anything to stop the bouncer from beating the crap out of the said guy or anything at all, even after he said that he might know the guy, was he Dio’s enemy?

At the same time, Dio knew what he saw!

He saw that the man’s wound was healing at a rapid rate!

Dio smirked and immediately walked over to the guy and pushed the bouncer away.

He pulled the man up and asked him if he was okay.

But as soon as Dio saw who the person was, he couldn’t help but felt a little bit excited!

His guess is right!

It was Logan, or many people might be more familiar with his other name!


“Is he your acquaintance? If so, we might have to leave this place as soon as possible, I think someone has called the cops!” Cristine said worriedly.

Dio nodded and helped Logan walked away from the place as Dio saw that the infamous Wolverine was still intoxicated!

But as soon as Dio wanted to walk away, the bouncer earlier came with his friends to stop Dio from leaving.

“You! How dare you make me look like a weak sauce! I will beat you up for trying to rescue that beaten shit!” The bouncer said angrily.

Dio sighed as he had no choice but to deal with around 20 thugs!

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