Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 219


Dio felt that these men were ungrateful, didn’t they know that Dio just save them from a horrendous death?

They clearly didn’t know who they were up against, if Wolverine was angered, these people would’ve regretted their attitude!

“I said, on your knees, and ask me for mercy!” The bouncer said commandingly.

Dio looked over, and Cristine was hiding behind his back, so killing these mobs was out of option, he couldn’t scare Cristine, for he still had more to learn from her.

“Cristine, wait here for me, I will deal with them!” Dio said as he reassured Cristine to wait.

“No, we better wait for the cops! They are clearly dangerous!” Cristine said worriedly.

“it’s fine, I know how to handle a guy like this!” Dio said with a light smile on his face. He then proceeded to put Logan down on the ground and walked over to the bouncer.

“Fuck, aren’t you are fearless?! How dare you taunt me like this! Guys! Capture that woman too!” The bouncer said towards his men.

Dio sighed and immediately punched the closest man to him on the arm, causing a broken bone sound!

Dio repeated this action to all men that approached him and thus resulted in all of them having some sort of broken bones!

The crowds gathered were in awe, as they thought that they just saw a kung fu movie!

The bouncer, however, fell to the ground looking scared. He didn’t expect all the men he brought would be brought down in an instant like this!

“Stay back! Don’t come near me!” The bouncer said as he pulled the gun from under his shirt. But Dio was faster, he immediately twisted the bouncer’s hand, which was holding the gun and immediately threw the gun away.

“Can we go now? Or do you want to end up with a broken bone like the rest of your friends?” Dio said indifferently.

The bouncer nodded his head quickly as the fear intensified. He didn’t dare to stop Dio again as he really feared Dio right now.

“Now, I don’t want you anywhere near this establishment again, you hear me? If I ever saw you do something illegal again, it will be more than just a threat!” Dio said while he showed the bouncer the federal id badge that he got from Nick Fury at the time!

The bouncer immediately turned pale after seeing the FBI badge that Dio showed, it was clear that this was a huge mishap on his end!

There was no way a small gang member like him could fight a federal bureau.

Dio immediately walked away and put back his FBI badge inside his pocket.

“What did you show him? He looked scared for a moment!” Cristine asked curiously as Dio walked to her.

“Nothing, it was just a fake FBI badge that I got from a friend. It seems like it worked, so that’s that! we need to leave now, by the way, the police will arrive here soon!” Dio said while helping Logan to stand once more.

Cristine nodded, but she knew what she saw, the badge was real!

It couldn’t be a fake!

She began to wonder who Dio really was, as she couldn’t help but fantasize about this moment as one of the spy moments in the movie!

The three of them immediately walked towards Dio’s car, and Cristine immediately helped Dio to take Logan to the back seat!

“Aren’t you afraid of the consequences of impersonating an FBI agent? You will be in so much trouble if you get caught!” Cristine asked with a slight smile on his face.

“Relax, I am not misusing it! I only use it to scare away some scumbags that come my way, you know, for slightly better protection!” Dio said explaining the FBI ID.

“But seriously, I am starting to think that you are some sort of secret agent now, seeing that you are able to win even though you seem at a disadvantage earlier!” Cristine said with a smile on her face.

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