Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 220


Dio then proceeded to drive Cristin home, and once he got there, Cristine offered Dio to come inside and have a cup of coffee.

“Maybe next time, I need to do something in the morning tomorrow,” Dio said apologetically.

Cristine nodded her head and waved Dio goodbye before entering her house.

Dio then drove towards his villa with Logan on his back seat.

Logan was the second homeless man ever to enter his house, unlike Thor, this man had little to none to offer Dio in return!

After arriving at his villa, Dio immediately carried Logan into his guest room and threw him in, leaving Logan to sleep drunk as a skunk.

The next day, Dio was woken up by an unexpected sound, at first, he thought it was a thief, but once he checked it out, it was just Logan who was going through his kitchen and taking some beer with him.

“Sorry, is this your house? I am already here when I am awake. I hope you don’t mind me taking some of your alcohol!” Logan said casually while drinking a can of beer like drinking water.

“Don’t you remember what happened yesterday? I brought you over after some guy beat you up in front of a bar!” Dio said casually, Dio then took several cans of beer and tossed another one to Logan.

“Well, maybe if you have a bottle of vodka in the house, I might remember it more easily,” Logan said casually.

“No, I don’t have vodka, but I might have a bottle of wine in that cabinet. But may I know your name?” Dio said while pointing to the cabinet behind Logan.

“I am Dugan! You can call me by that name!” Logan said, trying to hide his real identity and taking the wine bottle from the cabinet that Dio pointed at.

“Oh no, that was a fake name, right? I know for a fact that your name is Logan and that you are a mutant!” Dio said with a smirk on his face, but Logan quickly rushed toward Dio and threatened him with his adamantium claw!

“Who are you? How did you know my name!” Logan said angrily.

“Relax, geez! You stained my floor!” Dio said as he put away the beer in his hand.

Even though he didn’t show any fear, Dio knew if he didn’t take Logan carefully, he could be bleeding on the floor!

“If I said that I know you by chance, would you believe me?” Dio said casually.

Logan didn’t take Dio’s answer to be reassuring, and thus, he pulled out another claw from his other hand.

“SHIELD! I know you from SHIELD! You are in their database!” Dio said, trying to calm Logan down.

“I have some connection with SHIELD, and I have some information regarding any special mutant, and that is when I learn about you. You are a mutant who has a strong healing factor, and a codename Wolverine!” Dio said casually.

“SHIELD? I hope you don’t lie to me about this!” Logan said while retracting back his claw.

It seems that Logan also knew about SHIELD.

Otherwise, he would’ve questioned Dio some more.

“Well, that’s the hard truth. But hey, I just saved you from killing the man outside that bar and gave you a bed to rest and now you even take a bunch of my beer, maybe a little bit of gratitude would be nice!” Dio said casually.

“I don’t ask for your help in the first two accounts, but I guess thanks for the beer!” Logan said while heading to the door to leave Dio’s villa, but before that, Logan took a plastic bag and filled it with the beer from Dio’s refrigerator.

“Hey, what are you doing, I am not giving you that much!” Dio said annoyedly.

“I said thanks, didn’t I? in fact, you are too young to drink beer, this sugary shit is more than enough for you!” Logan said while tossing a bottle of coke towards Dio.

“That’s stealing! I don’t think an X-Man should partake in a robbery!” Dio said tauntingly.

“Now you have done it! I have to take away your wine too for that comment!” Logan said tauntingly.

“Now, you can beat me up for the things I take, but don’t ruin my shirt! Or I will make sure to pay you back for that!” Logan said indifferently.

“Are you sure? I am no pushover, you know!” Dio asked curiously.

“Now, I might have to take your whiskey too for that comment!” Logan said tauntingly. He obviously didn’t take Dio’s word seriously as he saw Dio as a guy who got everything easily.

“You have said it yourself! Don’t regret what you said after I am done!” Dio said excitedly. He couldn’t find an unkillable punching bag just everyday!

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