Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 221


“Let’s go then! I will play for one hour, every time I can knock you down, you will lose one bottle of whiskey, and of course, I don’t mind you fighting back, but it may be better if you don’t pop up your claw to attack me!” Dio said confidently.

“Go on then, attack me! You seem confident enough to do what you said!” Logan said tauntingly.

Dio then took the fight to his backyard, and Logan immediately took off his shirt so that it won’t be ripped during the fight.

Logan than proceeds to attack Dio and punch him on the face, Dio, who wanted to test the might of the Wolverine, didn’t dodge, or block the attack, but instead received it head-on!

Dio was a little bit surprised that Logan’s punch wasn’t as bad as he thought, it surely hurt but not as much as he originally thought!

“That’s it? is that all you got?” Dio said tauntingly.

Logan looked very surprised that his punch didn’t do much, so he jumped towards Dio one more time.

But, before his punch connected, Dio grabbed his arm and immediately used Logan’s weight to throw him to the ground.

Logan was immediately back to his feet again, showing the wild beast agility that he possessed.

But the next thing he saw made his blood boiled!

He saw Dio took one bottle of whiskey and broke it, spilling all the whiskey to the ground.

“Well, look at that! One down in a matter of second! It might not take one hour to finish this!” Dio said tauntingly.

Dio was influenced by Tony’s poisonous tongue, giving him a knack to agitate someone!

Logan angrily rushed forward to attack Dio again, but this time, he gave up on defending and only focused on the offensive!

That was Wolverine’s trademark fighting style that little to none other characters of Marvel could copy!

That was because of Logan’s feral instinct and his healing factor, making any defensive action unnecessary!

However, with his Hamon Energy intact, Dio’s speed and power were above Logan!

So, all Dio had to do was to get used to Logan’s attack pattern and timing!

As time went by, Logan was frustrated as his attack kept getting blocked and dodged by Dio, he began to think that maybe Dio had Mutant Power that revolved around defensive capabilities.

Dio smirked as he found Logan distracted and immediately launched an uppercut that caught Logan off guard.

Logan was once again knocked down, and with that, Dio destroyed another bottle of whiskey!

“Is it wise to be distracted during a fight?” Dio asked Logan tauntingly.

Logan was so angry that his claw was popped up by itself, but Logan immediately sheathed them back down because the rule said that he couldn’t use his claw, and he found that fair.

“Are you also a mutant?” Logan asked curiously.

“You aren’t the first person to ask me that question, but no! I am not a mutant. My strength comes from a type of energy called Hamon Energy! This energy allows me to do many things!” Dio said casually.

“Many things? What a farce!” Logan said with a sneer.

He didn’t believe that kind of power existed.

And so, Logan immediately took a big boulder and threw it towards Dio.

He might not be able to use his adamantium claw, but it was not against the rule to use any weapon available in the vicinity.

Dio smirked and cut the boulder that was thrown at him smoothly into two sections.

Logan was surprised once more.

He thought that the boulder was cut with adamantium, considering how cleanly it was cut!

“You know, my Hamon Energy doesn’t only allow me to cut the stone cleanly like that, but it can also be used as a propeller to make everything more powerful and faster than what they should be!” Dio said as he took a small pebble and flicked it to a three near Logan.

The pebble flew with such a speed that Logan had no time to move, but fortunately, it wasn’t directed to Logan’s head!

It flew near Logan’s head and then directly to a tree and created a hole on the tree.

Logan was surprised.

He doesn’t think he ever fought someone like Dio in hundreds of years that he has lived!

“What the hell are you!” Logan said, surprisedly.

“I am just a restaurant owner, nothing more! I occasionally take a part-time jobs at SHIELD, to cure some ailment of their choice, but well, I don’t trust them that much!” Dio said casually.

“So, what is your purpose in helping me?” Logan said curiously.

“Uhm, to expand my potential customer? If you can pay, I will help you remove the chronic toxins that were caused by the adamantium inside you!” Dio said casually.

“Toxins? I don’t know what are you talking about?! I don’t get sick! My healing factor prevents me from having one! I am sure you are taking me for someone else!” Logan said confusedly.

All that he knew at the moment was that his healing factor would keep him immortal, no matter what happened!

But he didn’t know that in the future, the adamantium created a potent toxin inside his body that prevented his healing factor to work properly!

For now, Dio was the only one in the world who had that knowledge!

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