Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 222


Logan left while carrying a plastic full of beer and bottles of whiskey, Dio was satisfied as he finally had a chance to spar with the infamous Wolverine, but he was left a little bit disappointed as Logan wasn’t as powerful as he thought. He knew that he could be meeting Logan again in the future, but he didn’t know whether it was as an enemy or ally!

After looking at the time, Dio then took a bath and called Nick Fury for a favor to provide the NYU with cadaver for learning purposes.

Nick Fury was a little bit surprised to receive a call from Dio, and thus he refused immediately, but after some threat and convincing, Nick Fury finally agreed to provide his help.

“I also want to ask you something! Is there any way for the SHIELD to get some rare metal for me?” Dio asked Nick Fury casually.

“What kind of material are we talking about?” Nick asked curiously.

“Something like Adamantium Alloy, or maybe Vibranium? After dealing with the Asgard problem, I realize that I need a weapon for myself!” Dio said casually.

Nick Fury fell silent for a while, he knew what Dio was talking about because deep down, he felt the same thing!

The threat that Earth faced was more powerful than any individual power out there!

“How did you know about Adamantium Alloy?” Nick asked compulsively.

“I helped a hobo earlier, and this morning I almost got sliced in two by his sharp claw! Go figure!” Dio said annoyedly.

“Why would you friends with Wolverine? Didn’t you know that little wolf isn’t domesticated yet?” Nick Fury said sarcastically.

“Obviously, I don’t really know who he was! In fact, he stole my alcohol! Should I call the police on his ass?” Dio asked back with the same sarcastic attitude.

“Well, okay, I will send someone to monitor his every move! But for the Adamantium Alloy, I will see what I can do, but don’t keep your hopes up! I don’t know if I could get some of them for you, it was in the military hands now, and SHIELD isn’t in good terms with those guys!” Nick said annoyedly.

“But, you know, I could make it possible faster, if you want to join my program!” Nick said casually.

“Forget it, on the second thought, I don’t need it that much!” Dio said annoyedly.

Nick still hasn’t given up the attempt to recruit Dio for his stupid avenger program!

He planned to visit William Stryker compound later and steal the Adamantium inside himself!

After ending the call with Nick, Dio immediately sent a text to Cristine stating that the Cadaver problem should be resolved and that the campus would receive cadaver donation soon, but the amount was still unknown.

Cristine immediately replied to Dio, profusely thanking him on behalf of her alma mater and mentor.

Dio then proceeded to list the metal that he wanted and how to get it, the first in the list was Adamantium, and he knew that William Stryker should have it on his secret base!

The second on the list was Vibranium, and he knew the easiest way to get it was from Wakanda, but entering Wakanda was still a problem!

There was still the Uru Metal and Yaka Arrow, but he didn’t think he had a way to travel to space yet!

He also thought of the metal the Destroyer was made of, but he still needed Tony to finish his research on that thing first, and he didn’t know if Tony would succeed or not!

Dio knew that a combination of all this material would give him the best weapon possible!

But he knew that getting them wasn’t as easy as it seemed!

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