Stand User in Marvel Universe

Stand User in Marvel Universe Chapter 223


Nick Fury worked efficiently this time, in only two days, a total of 30 cadavers has arrived at New York University School of Medicine!

The dean sounded really excited when he thanked Cristine, as that was the first time that he got this many cadavers at one time!

NYU surely had many powerful connections as they had many influential alumni, but getting a cadaver was still challenging!

So, the campus started to pay more attention toward Dio’s need and tried to give him space to learn efficiently.

Of course, it was all through Cristine’s effort too!

At on Friday, Dio has already closed the restaurant and waited for Will to finish his shift and leave the restaurant, after that, he immediately went inside the office and immediately broke a new camera that he has prepared beforehand on the office table.

Suddenly the broken camera spat out a clear image, an image of William Stryker!

Dio was using the [Hermit Purple] Stand to get the necessary information about Stryker’s secret base.

At this time, this was the only Stand in his arsenal that could spy on people.

Unfortunately for Dio, for these few days, Stryker has been holding a military meeting and went straight home afterward, so Dio hasn’t grasped the information about the secret base at all!

And this time, it was no different, as Dio saw that Stryker was still at his home!

Just as Dio was thinking on how to get the information he needed, his phone rang! He picked it up and saw a text from Cristine, informing him that she was ready to go to the campus and teach Dio on Human Body surgery using the cadaver from earlier.

A few hours later, Dio’s class with Cristine was finally over.

Cristine was a little bit surprised to see Dio didn’t get disgusted by the cadaver, making her think that Dio was already used to seeing a dead body in his life.

When Cristine asked Dio why he wasn’t afraid of the dead body, Dio’s answer was understandable, he said that there was no reason for the living to be afraid of the dead!

Dio immediately drove Cristine to her house, there was nowhere else to go to as the clock had shown the time at 1 am.

“Will you invite me at this time? I don’t have any hobo on my backseat to deal with this time!” Dio said teasingly.

“I can’t now, drinking coffee will affect my sleep, and I have surgeries tomorrow. let’s do it another time!” Cristine said apologetically.

Cristine felt bad because deep down, she wanted to know about Dio more and spend some time with him, but the circumstance was really against her! She was envious of some people who weren’t affected after drinking so much coffee.

“That’s a pity. Maybe I will make my own coffee for you next time! Well, I will get going now, good night!” Dio said while walking back towards his car.

“Okay, see you later! Be careful on your way back!” Cristine said with a smile on her face.

Dio wasn’t in dire need of sexual act, he was just suggesting to Cristine in a flirty way to tease her too, but she was really a beautiful girl, so if she really wanted Dio, he wouldn’t reject her!

However, on the car, Dio once again broke another camera to activate [Hermit Purple]’s effect and spy on Stryker again. Fortunately, this time, the background has changed. Stryker was in his secret base!

Dio felt excited as he finally found where Stryker has kept the adamantium this whole time, it was in the Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania!

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